15 June 2008

The Pale Blue Dot

Sometimes I'm just amazed. I'm amazed at the world, and the cosmos. The very fact that I exist, and can look out upon the world and be utterly confused by it is profoundly inspiring. I just wanted to share this video today because I think that Carl Sagan put it very beautifully. It's just awe inspiring!

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11 June 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry

Elsa has been wanting to get her ears pierced for quite some time now. Lately she's been emphasizing that she's big enough and isn't scared and she's ready to do it. So Tuesday morning was the big day! Elsa and I went to town, and she picked out the pair she wanted (white flowers) all by herself, and then we did it. Or, she did it. She didn't even want me to hold her hand, and she didn't even cry. Not a single tear. I was so surprised and proud... but not as proud as she was. She's been walking on air ever since.

Poor Kajsa, now she desperately wants her ears pierced too. But it's okay. Kajsa reassured us that "when she was little, she had to wait until she was 20 yrs old to get her ears pierced, and it didn't hurt at all." It's not easy being the younger sibling:)
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