26 August 2008

How long could you last?

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?

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18 August 2008

Banana Caviar

Kalles banana caviar.
I know it sounds CRAZY. I thought it sounded crazy when it first came out. Banana flavor and caviar!?!?! When the first commercial came out I really though, maybe it's a joke. I HAD to taste it cause I was just dying of curiosity. I figured, oh well, I'll just through the rest of the tube out, but turns out I just love this stuff. Can't get enough of it. Every now and then I get THE biggest craving for some "knäcke bröd" and banana caviar. Mmmmmmmmmmm, you should all try it ;)
They might have it at your nearest IKEA : - )
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07 August 2008

Grandpa came to visit!

Grandpa came to visit.
It was quite the spontaneous trip and we loved having him here.

Here are some pictures from the Grandpa visit :)
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03 August 2008

Ida and Tomas Wedding

A good friend of mine just got married at the end of july,
and we were lucky enough to be invited.
So the whole Ferrin family got dressed up :)
We turned out pretty spiffy if you ask me
Thaddeus and his darling girls
The handsome couple
Thaddeus strikin' a pose for me
Ooooh, there's another hot pose.
It was kind of late and the girls had finally fallen asleep so Thaddeus and I
could take over the dance floor :) What a fun night!
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