19 July 2008


We finally had our Mexico theme party this past wednesday. Need I say, we all had a good time. Projects like these are always worth the time you put into them and they always turn out as long as you have two ingredients. Good food, and most importantly, good friends. We had both!

We started the night off with Margaritas. (Yes it's true) Notice the dresses that the hot babes are wearing.....they are home made. We made them in my kitchen, with my sewing machine! I know that's not a huge deal......but I'm not the sewing kind. So we were very proud of our accomplishment. Not bad for not having any pattern to follow eh?

Along with the Margaritas we had home made nachos and guacamolé dip. Thad is just too good with food. Note-all the girls dresses aside from Kajsa's are M&M made ;)

Thaddeus graced us with home-made food all night. The main course was chicken enchiladas with real home-made enchilada sauce (which I wanted to drink all by myself) and (home-made) refried beans. We were going to cheat on that one, but turns out you can't buy it in the can here so.....Thaddeus to the rescue, again!

Later on we became philosofers of life and had good discusions. Oh, and I almost forgot we had tequila with the salt on the hand and lemon and everything. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, fun fun fun! Don't worry, the kids were sleeping. And even if they wouldn'thave been we're not crazy drunks, we're happy drunks.
Hehehehe. Sorry, I just had to say it ;)

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