07 February 2010

Elsa's Masterpiece

Last Sunday I taught Elsa how to use the Macro on our camera. I sent her outside to get some pics. Kajsa, Elsa and I were only out there for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. She managed to capture all these cool pics. The thing in the middle is the tube slide in the back yard! It's one of those concrete tubes. The best part is that I told Elsa NOT to take that picture cause I thought it wouldn't turn out. That makes it so much cooler.
It was really HER art.
I recommended that she not waist time on the tree either.....but it looks sweet too. It was fun to see what she came up with. The eye is Kajsa's of course. I was amazed that she got such a clear shot of it. After she was done taking the pics I helped her put her collage together. She chose wich pictures she wanted and how she wanted them arranged. Then I showed her how to use the extra fun toys on picasa and of course she wanted to over expose it. I wanted her to do it in black and white :) But no kid is going to want to do that! It turned out AMAZING.
I was so proud of her. We burned the file to a CD and poped into walmart and developed it. I love how it only takes about 3 minutes to do that now a days!

The reason we made this collage was that her school was having an art/talent contest. You could write a song or a story or draw something or enter a photo. I figured that it would be easiest to do the photography section. Plus I knew Elsa was pretty good at it already.
The theme was "into the future". We were not thinking about the theme when we took the pictures but I think they matched the theme really well. We all went to the school and watched "Night at the Museum." We brought pillows and blankets and it was cozy. The school provided popcorn and drinks and cotton candy. Super fun idea.

Elsa won 1st place ($10.00) in the photography section. (I knew she would)

At home showing off her prize and her art!
Recieving her prize and standing in front of everyone!
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