27 August 2009

Another school kid!

Alright, so I'm not sure if you've all heard or not but Thaddeus was excepted to ISU last week. His first day was on tuesday. He didn't act as ecstatic as Elsa did......but I'm sure he was quite excited. This is something we've been waiting to get done for....well since we quit school about seven years ago. I am so excited for him to go back and get his degree and do what he loves. I can't explain how proud I am of him. I'm sure he's going to do great. He's got a full load with 15 credits. Lots of music classes along with sience and speech. Horray to a year of scrounging to get by and education to get smart :)
Good luck this semester Thaddeus


p.s. I did take a picture of Thad on his first day of school. But it is stuck on my cell phone and I didn't want to wait longer to post this....so here you go.
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School Girl

Geez mom, how long do we have to stand here and wait for Elsa to come home?

Ooh, there comes the bus with my school girl on it!

My big school girl got off the bus and was all smiles. I didn't get a chance to take a pic as she got off the bus cause the driver wanted to talk to me about moving the bus stop for Elsa.
Elsa had a great time at school. She liked every bit of it and said they had recess three times during the day. Her teacher is really nice and a girl at school asked her if she wanted to be her friend :) Elsa said yes, of course....but she couldn't remember the girls name. Cute!
She even told me that she had raised her hand during class when they were talking about being nice and stuff like that. Elsa had shared that it's important to tell the truth with the class. I've been worried that she might not dare speak up....boy am I proud :)
Elsa is excited for tomorrow. She's got her clothes picked out, laying on her little stool and the alarm clock is set!

Happy school season to all you parents out there with school kids.
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Practice makes perfect!

Last night Elsa got a new alarm clock! She wanted to have one so she could wake up on her own and she wanted one with the two big old fashioned bells on top. So she got just what she wanted.
Man is it loud!

This morning I snuck into her room about five minutes before her alarm was to go off so I could catch the moment of excitement. As soon as the alarm rang and she figured out what was going on she flew out of bed, turned off the alarm, shouted at me to turn on the light and pulled her nighty off. I hardly got this photo. I was trying to work the camera as fast as I could....but this is THE only nighty pic I got cause she was too fast for me. I honestly don't think I've ever seen Elsa soooo incredibly excited about anything, ever. She just kept saying over and over "First day of school. First day I'm going to ride the bus" (Only she was talking in Swedish)
She was so happy :)

I didn't even have to tell her to go and brush her teeth.....she beat me into the bathroom!

She "slukade" breakfast in no time. This was another thing I've never seen her do before. Usually it takes her FOREVER to eat. She was so impatient she went out to wait for the bus early. Of course Licorice (Grandpa's dog) followed her to the stop and kept her company while waiting.......

And waiting and waiting and waiting.
Good thing we went out so early :)

Just look at that happy face!
Elsa picked out her clothes by herself as well.
Nice pick Elsa!
She got to choose a lot of her clothes when we went back to school shopping for her and I gotta say, the girls got great taste in clothes ;)

Finally the bus came!!! Yes I was parked at the end of the street ready to follow the bus to the school ;) The bus stop has previously been at the end of the street (where this pic is taken) but since there are no other kids that get on here they agreed to move the stop to our driveway. YAY!
So tomorrow she'll get on and get dropped off at the driveway. I'm really happy about this cause this way I can keep an eye on her from inside (and not have to get Kajsa up or leave her alone) until she gets on the bus.
I stayed quite far behind the bus so as not to embarass Elsa or bug the driver. When we got close to the school all of a sudden there were a million (might be stretching that one a little....but it was confusing) busses and I lost Elsa's bus. So once we parked and got out Elsa had already gotten off the bus and been helped to her class. Kajsa and I went inside and made sure she was there and gave her some stuff we took in the car with us. I meet Elsa's teacher, who seemed really sweet!

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Here are a few practice pictures that we took yesterday :)
good thing we practiced cause today was PERFECT!
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26 August 2009

Pics from the reception in Montana

My beautiful mother

It's just chocolate all over her face :)

OH and on her face too!

The happy mothers of the bride and groom

Kajsa just loves her new aunt to pieces

The Girls love Rachel as well.
It's almost as if they got two aunts out of this family union!!

Bride and Groom

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And then some random ones :)
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A few pics from Montana

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Some of you know that the girls and I drove up to Montana with Rachael and mom for Matt and Sarah's reception in Montana. It was a lot of fun. While we were there we got a little bit of fun time scheduled in. Here are a few pics from out on the boat.

The girls LOVED it.

Kajsa said she was going to tell Pappa to get a boat when she got home...... Yeah right, a boat? That is one toy I'm pretty sure we'll never be able to afford! Ha
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So cute with that little "glugg"

Elsa lost another tooth.

This time it was one of the big ones on top. I had a really hard time convincing her that it was loose enough to just pop out. We were at Mormor's house sleeping over and we sat in the bathroom for probably a half an hour trying to convince her to let me "feel" it. Didn't work, finally she let us tie some floss around it just to see how much of it was still attached. I barely even yanked on the string and it poped right out. Elsa was happy and said that that was the best way we've done it so far. She's already set on getting that other loose one out the same way. We just need to give it a week or so to get a little looser first. The tooth ferry came and visited her AGAIN, even though she didn't believe in her. Nice toothfairy, that's what I think :) She was happy for the money and of course didn't even have to consider whether or not to share with Kajsa, it was pretty much a given. They bought bubble gum with it!

I'm loving that cute toothless smile. I hope that her other top one goes soon, it'll be sooooooooooo cute.
Tomorrow is Elsa's first day of school. I've got the camera all ready to go. This morning we got up pretty early to practice. We even walked out to the bus stop and everything. I even got pictures from today practicing!!!
Yes, I am pathetic :)
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15 August 2009

The freckled girls

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Open house!

Electric Raze Tanning Salon

1355 Parkway Dr
Blackfoot, ID 83221

Tomorrow (Aug 15th)we're having an
open house

at my new job.

Come and check it out if you're in the area.
Free tanning and free 5 minute back massages
by me of course.
Don't miss it!!!
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I'm not done yet!

Sarah's new family!

Rachael is Sarah's sister. The kids LOVED her.

The kids had a good time

The bride and her father

Kiirstin came up.
What an awesome surprise!
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It's hard to choose only a few pictures to post

so bear with me, here we go......

What other kind of face do you make when Mike is behind the camera?

Mike and Leah.
Love you guys!

Kajsa LOVES animals.
She was playing with Booka and Honey pretty much all day long.
Hope I didn't slaughter the spelling on that one.
(Booka and Honey are Mike and Leah's dogs)

Yummy food!

My father-in-law and hopefully future mother-in-law (wink wink) came :)
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More wedding pics :)

First Dance as married couple!


Boys will be boys!

Handsome groom

Sarah's cousin came all the way from New York!
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Just a few pics of the gang!
Kajsa was not picture happy that morning.
(Which is why there isn't a pic of her in her dress)
It was a HOT and perfect day!

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Wedding pictures!

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Here are just a few pics from right after Sarah and Matt were married!!!!
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13 August 2009

Getting ready for school!

Today Thaddeus registered Elsa for school. I am still jealous that he got to do it and not me. I can't believe my baby will be starting school in only two weeks. School, SCHOOL. I have a child who will be in first grade. I am getting old! I think Elsa is going to just love it. She got to meet her teacher today and she got her schedule and everything. I'll be keeping you all posted. I've made sure to get the day off on her first day so I can drop her off and pick her up. Read more!

03 August 2009

More M&S

Here is the finished product from the other collages I did quite a while back.
I can't believe they're married now.
I am really excited to have such a great new sister in law.
I will be posting more pictures from their big day as I get a little more free time on my hands.
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Matt and Sarah

I made these collages for Sarah and Matt's wedding.
I think they're adorable.
I only used Picasa, so I was a little limited.
My favorite one is the last one.
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