27 June 2010

By request of Alex :)

Thad's famous Marabou chip cookies

1 1/2 C sugar
2 C brown sugar
2 C (400 g) real butter
4 eggs
6 C flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda (bikarbonat)
4 C chopped Marabou milk chocolate (600 g)
2 tsp vanilla

Cream butter, both sugars and eggs together. Add all dry ingredients, then chocolate. Mix well. Spoon the dough onto the cookie sheet. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes @ 190*c/375*F. Be carful to NOT overbake. Let cool on paper towels. (ICA's paper bags work great)

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25 June 2010

No internet at home sucks!

Soooooooooooo we had a rather untraditional spring in our household. It started with Thaddeus and I taking a relationship roller coaster ride.

Then it entailed a quick move to Rexburg, followed by a quick move back to Blackfoot. The girls and I found a cute little basement apartment on Center street down the road from great grandma and grandpa Ferrin.

I got a new job at the Blackfoot Community Center.

Elsa had a birthday, Happy birthday to you!

Kajsa, Elsa and I all came down with a HORRIBLE CASE OF STREP THROAT! This incident brought to light that Elsa is allergic to penicillin. (The pic from the collage was taken when they first started to appear and don’t do her justice, the reaction was intense)

Kajsa had a birthday, Happy birthday to you!

The relationship rollercoaster came to an end, Thaddeus moved in. Everyone sighed, especially me ahhhhhh!

Kajsa hit her tooth on the concrete in the back yard and now has a “blue” tooth as we like to call it…or

“Kajsa bl├ątand.”

I didn’t love my job at the Community Center and quit. Thaddeus finished the semester with another 4.0! woot woot

I started looking for a new job and realized I’m never going to find something that pays well without an education.

I had an epiphany, ready………..I have to get my education done. What am I waiting for? If I wait until Thaddeus is completely done with school and then start on my four or five year schooling I will be almost forty.


I applied for the ISU fall semester and I’m waiting for an acceptance letter in the mail!


Summer is finally here, Thaddeus is working a little here and there for Century High and Blackfoot High. It is just enough to pay the bills for the summer. The girls and I are spending our days at the library and at Jensen’s Grove in the sun until it will be time for all four of us (hopefully) to start school in the fall!

Yes, we will be living on loans, SCARY!

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