17 April 2009

Happy late Påsk!

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I made this collage last week and I thought I had already posted it. Some of you may think that it is strange to celebrate Easter by dressing up as witches and pretending that you're going to fly to Blåkulla to have a seanse with the Devil. Before you judge another culture as "weird" I just want to let you all know that many Swedes think it's morbid to dress up for Halloween, when it's really "all hallowes eve". I constantly tell people that it's just about letting the kids have fun. It's like a costume party, okie okei?
I personally think; let kids have fun and keep culture and tradition alive. Dressing up as witches around Easter time started sometime in the beginning of the 18oo's here. Why dress up as a witch? Witch trials happened a little earlier here in Sweden than those in Salem. Of around 400 people that were killed for being witches between 1492-1704, about 300 were killed between 1668-1676. So there was a big "witch movement" during those eight years. This time period was called Det stora oväsendet. I don't know why they started dressing up as witches during the eighteen hundreds, probably to honor all the innocent people who were killed.
Either way I think it's smart to remember what happened. I took the oportunity and tried to teach my girls a little about how people were way back when. We talked a bit about what happens when people are SUPERsticious and how fast things can get out of control. I doubt that any of that stuck with them though, they were mostely excited to eat the chocolate.

All of the pictures except the middle one are from the day care celebration. I dressed up as well of course, cause I'm childish like that =) Only there were no pictures of me, (evil laugh). I'll let you all emagine what a horrid ugly witch I was that day. Read more!


Nope Stacie, this isn't what you think it is.
Thaddeus has a cousin named Avery.
Avery is a clever woman, she's got a happening blog.
Unlike me, she has talent when it comes to writing.

Everyone knows that I just post pictures
because I can't express myself in writing.
Oh well....

If I did have some talent, then I'd write more like
Avery does........like I said, her blog is happenin',
but don't take my word for it.
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9 days!

That's all, just nine days! Read more!

14 April 2009

It's way too late!

Picasa is too much fun. It's two in the morning.....what am I doing up?
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The almost six year old !

She looks suspiciously old here, is she really going to be six next week?
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Kajsa in all her glory!

I just love this girl, she is so much fun
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10 April 2009

Hold your horses, but not too tight!

Since it was good friday today only we and one other kid showed up for lessons. We didn't mind at all, it was almost like having private lessons.

Today they got to go outside for lessons since it was a beautful day, AGAIN!
Elsa desparetely wanted to show off her riding skills for Pappa today, so I got to play the press.
I just happened to catch this clip. It's a good one :)

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07 April 2009

Playing catch up

I'm way behind on Elsa's riding lessons. We missed one week of riding when we were up north, but made it home just in time for the other one. I can't remember which all ponies she's ridden. Gold fire, Linda, Hilma....etc etc. Not that it's important at all.....mostly this is just a journal for me. Sorry if this is boring.

This last friday was tricky since Thad was in Holland. I tried finding a sitter for Kajsa, but it was pretty hard since I had already booked sitters for Saturday and Sunday (I played in a concert). I did finally find someone who could watch Kajsa for me.

Since it's spring here and it was warm this last friday, they took the ponies outside. It was a totally different world. They got to climb small hills and really get to lead the horses around. It was WAY fun. Elsa loved it.
While we were climbing the longest steepest hill she started talking about how horses are so srong....then she said they're fast too. All of a sudden she started talking about fast animals.

Elsa- "mom, did know know that leopards are SUPER fast, and do you know just how fast they are?"
Me- "no, how fast are they?"
Elsa- "They are soooo fast, they can run one kilo. That's how fast they are"

I tried REALLY hard not to laugh out loud. It was extra funny since she was so enthusiastic about it. The instuctor was walking next to us.....She surpressed a laugh as well. Oh, the cute things kids say.

I obviously didn't have a chance to get any pics of the outdoor ride.....but maybe we'll get lucky and the sun will grace us again sometime before we move. Of course this has to coincide with Thaddeus coming along to play the camera man....which if I'm not mistaken, I don't think is his favorite past time.

Here's a clip from a few weeks ago:

p.s. I'm not running quite as dorky in this one ;) hahaha
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05 April 2009

Take your pick

Any voters?
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ABC, you're tagged

ABC, you are tagged

- Available: for what???
- Age:26 (soon 27)
- Annoyance: Mean people
- Animals: We don't have any pets, our lady bug got left out too long and ran (or flew) away :(
- Beer: No thanks, Smells TERRIBLE and tastes the same.
- Birthday: On Norways national holiday
- Best Friends: Stacie, Jodie, Mia and Ida
- Been in Love: Yes, a few times
- Been on stage?: Yeah, I will be tonight as well....no biggy, just playing 2nd trumpet in a orchestra. We're accompanying a lady named Anna-Lotta Larsson. This will probably be my last concert for a long time :( Infact I won't have a trumpet once we get back to the states....buh hooo
- Believe in Magic: NO
- Believe in Santa: No

- Candy: If it's Swedish, yes please!
- Color: Green and blue
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.
- Chinese/Mexican: Both, If I HAVE to choose.....no, both
- Cake or pie: I don't know, today I think I'd say pie....most days I'd probably go for cake
- Continent to visit: Europe, I want to travel more outside of scandinavia
- Cheese: pretty good stuff

- Day or Night: Night
- Dancing in the rain: And singing!
- Eyes: Greenish bluish yellowish greyish....
- Everyone's got: problems
- First thoughts waking up: I wonder how long I can lay here before I REALLY have to get up.
- Food: Salmon
- First love: I'm not quite sure, but I think the first guy I was in love with was Jeanyck....hahahaha. Either him or it was Mike R from Troopers!
- First Kiss: Uuuhhhhhh, it's to stupid to share. I think I was in sixth grade or something like that.
- Greatest Fear: That people are so brainwashed that they justify killing others because they think they're following God's plan. (suicide bombers...etc) War.
Goals: Be a good person and rolemodel for my girls
- Gum: Extra's Sweet fruit
- Get along with your parents?: Hmmmmmmmmm, not always

- Hair Color: Dirty blonde
- Height: 165 cm
- Holiday: Midsummer, Christmas
- How do you want to die: The natural way, preferably without pain.

- Ice Cream: Sia's Gräddkola
- Instrument: Trumpet and Piano

- Jewelry: I like earings :)
- Job: I just quit mine. When we move I'll be going on vacation and I think the last day of work is May 31st technically....The papers are already signed.

- Kids: two wonderful girls
- keep a journal?: I used to, now I concider my blog my journal...or event journal anyway.
-Kill or be killed: I don't like that question. How about love or be loved???? Ha

- Love: Will hopefully cure this world
- Letter: It's fun to get a "real" letter
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
- Milk flavor: flavor???? 3% is yummy
- Movies: chick flicks
- Motion sickness?: Hmmmm, I get car sick if I ride in a car that has that "old car" smell. It's weird.
- McD’s or BK: Burger King
- Number: Don't have one, seven maybe?

- One wish: I want more money, but it'll never happen (so it doesn't matter if I tell Chelsey ;)

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi
- Perfect Pizza: Chicago style....what was that place called that did those? and pepperoni lovers.
- Piercings: I used to have a belly one....now it's just an old ugly scar. I have two holes on each ear

- Quail: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Don't think I've had it. It is food right? Some kind of bird?
-Quitter: Is what you do when you realize you're doing THE WRONG thing!!!

- Reason to cry: Happy moments
- Reality T.V.: Top Model
- Radio Station: Mix megapol
- Roll your tongue in a circle: I'm not quite sure what they mean by that.

- Song: Shaggy-It Wasn't Me......it's a memory from the first time Thad and I met.....the song lyrics don't have anything to do with anything. hahahhaa
- Shoe size: 9
- Salad Dressing: Home made garlic dressing with feta cheese....Mmmmmm
- Secret crush in High School: I'm pretty sure that anyone I ever had a crush on new about it ;)
- Skinny dipped?: Yes
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Swedish blueberries, otherwise strawberries

- Tattoos?: Not yet. I've been planning on getting one for over a year, but I don't know exactly what I want and where I want it.
- Time for bed: Optimal is 10
- Thunderstorms: Cozy

- Unpredictable: Is healthy

- Vacation spot(s): Where the sun shines
- Weakness: Arguing
- Worst feeling: Not being able to help someone when they need it
-Want to be a model: It'd be fun, but I don't have the body for it.
- Worst Weather?: RAIN and wind
- X-Rays: Yes, to get into the US you have to get your lungs x-rayed !!!!!
-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Energetic
- Zoo animal: Monkey

I TAG whoever wants to play. Maybe Stacie or Melina??? Read more!

03 April 2009

Even MORE family!!!!!!

From left to Right: Staffan, Me, Johnny

So who is Staffan and Johnny?
These handsome fellas are my half siblings on my dad's side. They live pretty close to where I live and it's a shame that we haven't met them more often. Last week, on Sunday, Thaddeus had a concert in Gothenburg. Staffan and Johnny came and watched and afterward we went out to eat. There were lots of good laughs and it was great catching up. Like I was saying earlier when Mathilda was here visiting.......it's fun to see how alike we are. I think I must admit, although I never thought so earlier, I apparently have inherited a lot of my physical traits from my Dad.

Tack för en trevlig middag Johnny och Staffan!
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