21 January 2010

Nya dagiset!

The girls finally started at their new dagis. Luckily we are able to cut the hours by a lot since I work mostely evenings. We are SUPER poor so we get help from ICCP to pay for it. Otherwise it would not be possible to have them there. The girls love the place! Read more!

07 January 2010


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Just thought I'd post a couple of pics from gymnastics. To anyone that pays attention you'll realize that these pics are pretty old (Elsa's hair is still long) But since I keep forgetting the camera before gynmastics and since it's so hard to get good pics. These will have to do. I must say though, both girls are progressing A LOT. Elsa's cartwheels are looking good. Kajsa's balance is super! Hopefully, there will be an up-to-date post of their gymnastics adventures soon. Read more!

05 January 2010

New Year

It's the new year and time to shape up. I love goals and starting things off cold turkey.

I have two new-years resolutions, here they are:

1. Be healthier
a. Yes, this year again. When will I ever make it all year around? Don't know. I think the last four years have all been the same. I loose weight Jan-May. Stay about the same June-Aug. Slowly gain Sep-Dec. Time to start the cycle over I guess :) I have to say it is SO much more fun when Thad does it with me. He did last year and he is doing it this year too :)

2. Learn how to say no
a. It's not like I do drugs or anything. But I just might be addicted to saying "Yes, I'd love to help you out." I love to help and get involved in just about EVERYTHING. This can sometimes cause problems for our busy little family of four. So this year, I am trying to say no even though I often want to help. Read more!