29 January 2012

smart phone

So I got a smart phone this week. It's so smart I can actually make this post FROM MY PHONE! I'm sure this is old news to all you high tech people, but for me this is a BIG deal. It's been tons of fun watching you tube on my phone. I introduced Elsa and Kajsa to Michael Jackson via you tube on my phone. I swear my phone is 10 times faster than my lap top. The best part is that the new HTC Arrive will only cost us $6 more a month than the old Samsung seek. Woohoo! Read more!

28 January 2012

Cute kids, & Camping

We have a tradition to go camping with our cousins. We always have a blast.
We sleep in tents, and rough it old-school style.
This past year (2011) we went to Utah.
It was WAY up in the mountains, there was even snow in some places and it was cold.
Some of these pics were taken by Avery, some buy me.
Basically the nicer quality ones Avery took with her fancy pantsy camera.
The other ones I took.
I'm excited for this years camping trip already.
I wonder where we'll go.
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Quick Update!

Please excuse the horrible picture quality. These pics are from my old phone. Since I can't possibly go back and catch up on everything that happened since July, you'll get the quick version :0) WARNING: They are not in chronological order.

We made deliscious Christmas candy with Grandma Ferrin (after Christmas)
Road trip to CA to visit Matt, Sarah, and ADORABLE Maja in my tiny Honda. It was crowded with four people and Paxie-Lou, our dog, who lives with Mom in Rexburg.
I made a bajillion hair bows during Christmas break. Here is one set I made to match one of Kajsa's new outfits she got for Christmas.
Matt and Maja cuddling on the couch. Again, sorry about the crappy picture quality. My old phone didn't do so well in dark (or light) environments. We also picked oranges on Christmas Eve! But I forgot to take a picture.
Elsa and Kajsa, beautiful as can be.
I got a new Yamaha Xeno trumpet! This is the first, nice trumpet I've ever owned :) I love it!
On our way home from CA, we drove down the strip in Las Vegas to show the girls the lights.
My Honda overheated.
Chelsey Gale got married this summer to Austin Warr. I had a bit to drink and we stayed up late. It was fun :)
Here are some hot shoes I bought for Idaho State Civic Symphony concerts. I just like them a lot and I'm also very excited to play in the orchestra.
Here's Chelsey on her special day. What a hottie!
Our Paxie-Lou forever ago. I think this is from June or something. We were taking her for a walk. She is our third baby, I think she looks a lot like Kajsa because of her beautiful red hair. Thad says this is what happens when "you do it doggy style." He actually said that.........whoahahaha, he never checks my blog anyway. He'll never see I shared that.
Elsa Ferrin, future (current) musician, right after her Christmas choir concert.
So grown up.
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