28 October 2008

Watch for falling trees!

The past two days they have been cutting down HUGE trees right outside of our window. This morning the girls and I spent quite some time watching this very exciting event. Watching trees fall while you're sewing a Halloween costume is great as a little break every now and then. There was also a pretty rainbow that only lasted for a few minutes. It was really big and complete...but I couldn't fit it in the camera :) So, here's just a small part of it. Hope you enjoy this very unimportant post.
P.S. I just want to thank everyone for all of the Halloween tips! I think I'm ready to go now.

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26 October 2008

A big boy!

My Darling husband turned twenty-eight today. I know when you get older that birthdays don't feel as special. That presents don't really matter. That often you don't even bake a cake. Well, I still want to take this little opportunity and just say how special Thaddeus is to me. I am so happy that I am married to him and not to someone else. Thaddeus always treats me with respect. Living in the world that we do, where many women are oppressed some even abused I am grateful that I have such a loving husband. He not only loves me and is a terrific father to our two girls but he also pulls half or more of the weight at home. He does just as much dishes and laundry as I do. He picks up the kids from day care. He goes shopping and he cooks and he does it without complaining and he does it great. He is my own personal superman. Thaddeus you are amazing and I love you with all of my heart. And thanks for being so Damn Sexy ;-)

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22 October 2008


I have planned a little Halloween party for the girls and some of their friends on the 31st. We're keeping it super small. It'll just be their cousins and their closest friends. The ages range from having just turned three to Elsa being the oldest at five. The only problem is I'm not quite sure what we're going to do. I'm thinking of having a really easy and fun craft for them to do and then maybe just a few Halloween games? Only, I don't know any Halloween games. If anyone has any ideas on fun activities, crafts, desserts, anything really, PLEASE share. Oh and if anyone has a tip on how to make a "Little Mermaid costume", feel free to share that one as well. Kajsa really wants to be Ariel for Halloween :)
Thanks - Michaela
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20 October 2008

Hubby Tag

I've been Tagged by Kirsten!
It's the Hubby tag I guess you'd call it. I'm pretty sure that just about anyone that reads our blog already knows a lot about Thad. I'll do my best though, to share some terrible family secret :)
Here is a little clip of Thaddeus and the girls from this summer!

1.Where did you meet? Thaddeus Marshall Ferrin and I met in Rexburg. Krista Perkins and I picked Thad and a friend of his (Fred) up in my white beat up '84 Dodge aries and we car-pooled to The Boise airport. We flew to Washington DC for the George W Bush inaugural parade in January 2001. We played with the Troopers in the parade. Thaddeus had just joined the Troop and I had just quit and begun with the Blue Knights from Denver. Anywho, Thaddeus and I enjoyed eachothers company. I actually do remember sitting in his lap and being a HUGE flirt the first day that we met. Shame on me, but hey....here we are years later still going strong!

2.How long did you date before you were married? Lets see, we met January 2001. Started "real" dating that fall. And then married in May 2002. So only like 9 months if you don't count the months that we hung out "as friends"!

3.How long have you been married for? Six years and five months exactly on Saturday.....which also happens to be Thad's birthday! Hurray

4. What does he do that surprises you? He never seems to get fed up with me. I can be quite selfish at times, and lazy. Somwhow he never says things that hurt my feelings. And it really surprises me as to how he is just so consistently sweet and caring towards me.

5.What is your favorite quality about him? Do I seriously have to pick just one! Okay, I'm going to have to go with the fact that he is smart. It's not just the fact that he learned Swedish in like 3 months and can now spell and use the Swedish grammer better than I can; but I also love the fact that he doesn't just buy what anyone tells him. He does his own research and thinks things through. He isn't easy to fool, and I love that.

6.Does he have a nickname for you? Hmmmm, he does call me "Hey Sexy" a lot.

7.What's his favorite color? I'm not 100% on this one, but I'm pretty sure that it's dark blue. He likes to buy dark blue t-shirts anyway :)

8. What's his favorite food? He really likes Hawaiian Pizza from the little pizza place up at Sjöbo Torg. He also likes beef...although we don't have it all that often.

9. What's his favorite sport? Does Drum Corps count as a sport? If it does, then that's definitely it. He also loves to ride his bike, but he's not all that into sports otherwise.

10. Who said "I love you" first? I'm not quite sure about that? I know, is that terrible? I think it was him though.

11.When and where was your first kiss? Thaddeus, Lise, Matt, and I were in IF eating out at Chili's for Lise's birthday, November 10th (2001). Thaddeus and I were pathetically drewling over each other. We kept passing ice between our mouths ;) Then we went to the arcade place by the cinemas and bought some of those small glowy-stick things and started passing those between us instead. Then on the way home in the car we FINALLY kissed...... and kissed and kissed and kissed. Ah the memories!

12. What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? I'm pretty sure it's making love (sorry, Thad. There went the huge terrible family secret!) We also enjoy going out to eat and having cozy fridays at home. Thaddeus and I also enjoy music a lot together and if we had the money and time I'm sure we'd go to a lot of concerts and musical events.

13.Do you have kids? Yes, two adorable, bright, and silly girls. Elsa who is 5 and 1/2 and Kajsa (pronounced like Ky-lee only Kaj-sa) who is 3 and 1/2. Someday we're hoping to be able to have some more when the time is right :)

14.What's a hidden talent he has? He can sing. I'm not sure if anyone know's that. Everyone knows that he writes music right? But I'm not sure if everyone knew that he can improvise his own bass line to go along with any song. He's super good at harmonizing anything. He is also a very VERY good teacher. I really hope that one day he'll go back to school and become a teacher if that's what he wants to do.

15. How old is he? 28 on Saturday!

16. What's his favorite type of music? Classical (He really likes Wagner) and Drum Corps (The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils.....among others)

17. What do you admire most about him? I'm gonna have to agree with Kirsten on this one, Like she said about her hubby, Thaddeus also has the ability to just take things calmly. He never gets worked up about stupid things and always ALWAYS keeps his cool. I think I can count the times that we've raised our voices to eachother on one hand. Sometimes it does get on my nerves though, I'd have to admit. I even think I'm guilty of maybe taunting at him just to get a reaction sometimes. But I really do love the fact that he's calm, it helps balance me out.

18.What's his favorite pastime? Drumming, Listening to or arranging/writing music, and of course sex (there I go again, but hey....I'm just being honest.....and it's not like he's the only one, I mean come on)

19. Will he read this? Eventually. It might take a while though, he's not as pathetic as I am and checks our blog several times a day.

Done! and now I tag.... Avery!
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12 October 2008


Universeum is a science center in Göteborg (Gothenburg, Sweden)
We bought a years pass last year and have only been there twice. Go figure, so yesterday we decided to go and make sure that our passes had been worth getting since they expire at the end of this month. Then, on the other hand, we ended up buying food there, cause we're too lazy to pack a lunch. Lets just say it was expensive with a capital E. It cost us a whole whoppin' 75 dollars to eat! 75 dollar! Let me just say that one more time, 75 dollars! And we didn't get that much. Thad and I and Elsa had a burger, and Kajsa had spaghetti. And we all got a cookie (or equivalent) for dessert. Ouch! Hahaha, good thing we went so we could get that moneys worth out of the passes huh?
But, on a lighter note, we had a blast. It's a HUGE place with TONS to do. We were there for 5 hours and I don't think we even made it through half of the exhibitions among other cool stuff. Here's a link just incase if anyone feels like waisting time out in the deep internet ocean.
And of course.......here are a few videos of the girls. I tried really hard not to be a phyco with the camera and instead just let them play without having to stop and pose for me.

I don't know how many times Elsa walked across this little bridge! I have to admit, I think it looks kind of fun as well.

Never mind the HUGE sharks and phyco looking fish and eels. Kajsa found NEMO and his mom and his dad. She was so excited, she could hardly get it out of her mouth to tell me about it :)

This was definitely a HUGE favorite. Kajsa made me race her several times. She won every time, that bum. Thad and I even got to race. Fun stuff. I love getting to be a kid and feeling like I fit in :) Read more!


Lekborgen translates into "The play fortress"
Lekborgen is about a block and a half from where we live.
It's a pretty fun place to hang out. The kids have a blast
and me too (although grown ups really aren't supposed to
go into the play areas, sometimes I tend to forget this)
We were there this past week and had a great time.
Here are a few pics of my adorable girls.

My little Kajsa

My big Elsa

Seriously, how did she get this big?

My babies are not babies any more!

Elsa-girl showing off her trick

Kajsa-varg showing off her trick
(It's hard to see but she's walking on tiny little squares)
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07 October 2008


We decided to go on a little adventure today. We hiked through the forest to a cute little lake called Kypesjön. The girls were way excited about it and even carried their own lunches in their back packs. They even put up with the photographer enjoying the fall colors along the way ;) They walked the whole way there and back;
approximately 4 kilometers.

Elsa and Kajsa thought it was super fun to feed the ducks.
And I had a great time watching them.
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