28 June 2011

Agnes - Release Me [Official Video]

This is ridiculous. I keep listening to this song OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Can't get enough! Perfect club music, it makes me want to go out dancing all night. Speaking of which, Thad and I have not been out to the club dancing in a long time. I think we're due for a date.

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Mini-Family gathering!

For mom's birthday a few of us siblings
were able to get together and have a birthday dinner for her.
It was nice to finally get to see Mike and Leah and their kids,
it had been a while.

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27 June 2011

Glad Midsommar i Idaho

This years Midsommar Celebration turned out great.
We had lots of people show up, a lot of fun dancing, and great food.
Here are some pictures to prove it

our Maypole (Majstång) was beautiful
There was blue and yellow everywhere
Elsa and Kajsa with their baby cousin Maja.
The dresses took quite a while to sew.
They were harder than I expected and it was difficult
to find the right shade of blue in a decent material.
Härligt kort
Mormors bärkorg från 1930 talet var med på festen
Real musicians, PLUS they were good!
Nästan alla dansade
Fint folk i fina kläder
Två Dalkullor
Maja skrattar så härligt
Vackra Elsa i dansen
Kajsa gumman

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10 June 2011

You Will Make It Through - Jem

Every time I listen to this song it makes me cry and remember how much I miss my mother-in-law, Jo. I can't help but think of just how different my girls lives would be had she still been here. But we'll make it through! Read more!

09 June 2011

Midsommar in Idaho


When: June 24th 2011
4:30 P.M.

Where: Ingrid's House
1741 West 6000 South
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

What: Join us for
maypole raising,
door prizes,

and food.

Flowers for dressing
the maypole

are welcomed.
Please bring a

potluck dish
picnic blanket

or something else
to sit on.


Call Ingrid
with questions

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08 June 2011

Thad and Mia 9 years!

It really doesn't feel like it has been nine whole years since Thad and I were married WAYYYY back in 2002, but that's who long it has been. Since then we've moved across the ocean TWICE, become parents to two beautiful and precious daughters, and learned more about ourselves and each other than we though was possible.

We have both returned to school and kicking trash at it too. Thaddeus is working for Blackfoot and Century high school in their music program this summer. He is currently taking a few classes this summer in hopes of graduating a bit faster, along side with writing another show for Göteborgs Drum Corps.

I am working about 20 hours a week for ISU in the music department. This fall I will be one of the drum majors for the ISU Bengal Marching Band. This is great for many different reasons. First, I LOVE marching band (I know I'm a nerd, but I just can't help loving it). Second, the drum major position carries a pretty decent scholarship which is GREATLY appreciated. And thirdly, repeat the first and second reasons combined.

A lot of great things have been happening around here lately.

For instance, today we FINALLY got the internet at home. Woooohooooo for staying up late and updating my blog.

Also, I won money for an essay contest. I posted a research paper on this blog some time back just for fun because I was very proud of my work. The paper was entitled: "Forsaken doctrine in the hidden past." I removed the paper from my blog since I don't want anyone stealing my hard work, but anyway, my teacher recommended I enter the essay for a contest so I did. I was not expecting to win, at all! But, turns out I won the English 1102 section. It was not a big monetary amount, but the acknowledgment was worth a lot to me since I by no means consider myself a great writer. It helps to write well when you have a topic you really care about.

And since this post was originally a congratulation to Thaddeus and myself for nine years of marriage I'll end with a little blurb about our get away. Now, I realize many people take off for Hawaii or Las Vegas or even Europe for their anniversaries but we're poor, really poor right now. SO, we ventured to the very exotic destination.......................wait for it.............................................. Salt Lake City. Hey, it was practically Hawaii after not having a get away (away from home) for two years! Thaddeus found a great little hotel for a good price with super awesome breakfast. Here is the link if you need a place to stay the next time you're in SLC.

We spent the majority of our time walking and window shopping. We did, however, make a few small purchases. Our favorite one was an awesome drink-mixer-glass-thingy that we found at the gateway mall. Thaddeus loves it and he has started practicing to be a bar tender (not really, I just have to say that to raise some eyebrows! LOL) We ate at this awesome restaurant called Squatters, I had the best jambalaya of my life there! Our artichoke cheese dip appetizer was outrageously good to top it off. Next time you're in SLC, seriously, go get some of that stuff!

In short, it was a much needed and great get away.

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Kajsa Bajsa fyller år!

In our family we carry on the Blomquist and partly Swedish tradition of waking the birthday kid (or adult) early in the morning with song and presents. (Plus breakfast in bed....however, we usually fall short in that area due to bad planning and a mother who likes her sleep)

May 11th Kajsa turned six. So in we came, early early in the morning, to sing for her. She must have been tired cause she barely stirred.
She began to open her presents with her eyes still closed!
But then she started to wake up...
and happy!
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