25 May 2012

A few exciting things have happened this last semester. First of all, Elsa turned 9 and Kajsa turned 7. We all finished the school year with great achievements. Elsa was chosen as the "Young Author" in her class and was able to attend a workshop. She was also at the top (or very nearly at the top) in all areas of her ISAT testing. We are very proud of her. Kajsa has done extremely well with her IRI, she is a fast and accurate reader. She will not start ISAT testing until the 3rd grade. She, like Elsa, is advanced for her grade ;)


Thaddeus made it through his MUCH dreaded music history and choral conducting classes just fine. I was impressed when he stayed up until 3 in the morning completing his 10 page paper. I managed to pull off another 4.0 this semester. This is the fourth one in a row! Next semester I am going to attempt to juggle a part-time job and a little over full-time credits. We will see if the 4.0 will be possible. I absolutely LOVE my new job so far. It is fun and challenging, the perfect mix. I recently took the licensing exam to sell insurance in Idaho and passed. The rest of the summer I will be training full-time.

 There is also another accomplishment worth bragging about. Thaddeus and I made it to our 10 year mark! Tomorrow is the big day. Ten years ago(TOMORROW)we said our vows. Despite a bit of turbulence on the way, we have endured and enjoyed the ride. We are excited to get away for just a day or two to celebrate. We have two fantastic children who are beautiful, smart, and spunky. How lucky I am to have a husband who listens to me, cleans, cooks, and is a fantastic father. Through all the years we have grown closer to each other as we have gone through major changes in our lives. I am looking forward to the next ten years. Thanks for putting up with me Thaddeus M. Ferrin.

Here we are right before we got married 2001

Here we are (almost) ten years down the road!
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04 May 2012

Spring is here, and summer nearly upon us

AND I just finished taking finals yesterday afternoon. Grades have not been posted (as of this minute) and I am just a tad worried that I may get my first "bad grade." There may be an A- awarded to me this semester. After working hard to keep up my 4.0, I believe I have reached the threshold of despair. I am sick of school, and sick of studying. I want a break. Today is my first day of freedom from school. I donated plasma. Booooo! I am also sick of donating plasma. The scars on my arms don't even look like scars, they resemble craters! Big, Fat, Nasty, Craters. However, I have FABULOUS (to be read with a flamboyant gay mans voice) news. I was hired at the new Allstate Insurance facility in Chubbuck. I will be starting om May 11th (Yes, on Kajsa's birthday). I will be working full time during the summer and then part time during the school year. YAY for a pay check! SAD FACE for not getting more than a week of summer break. I guess I have a week to catch up on blogging before I start work. I know, I am pathetic. If you were me, you'd be pathetic too, cause you'd be me, and you see: I'm pathetic. Read more!