29 September 2010

School Days!

California trip in August to see Matt and Sarah in Sacramemto!

Going to school is definitely engulfing most of our family's time. Kajsa is a remarkably happy kindergartner. She does all her homework in one setting instead of spreading it out over the week as the schedule outlines because it's heaps of fun. Elsa is Miss.Smarty pants, she really does know just about everything. Well, everything a second grader should know (and then some). I seriously sat with her last week and taught her how to solve a simple algebraic equation. She totally ate it all up.
As for us older kids, we're doing alright so far. I am loving school, using my intellect on a daily basis and really stretching my mind is "heaps of fun."
The girls both go to The Blackfoot Community Center after school. There they have the opportunity to learn more, plus practice reading and as well as develop several other talents such as gymnastics, swimming, bowling, science, art....etc.
Although we have been super busy with school, there was a summer of lazyness which raced by in a blur. Here are a few "old" pics from the summer.
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