19 July 2011

High School Days

It has been 10 years since I graduated high school and it was time for THAT reunion. I helped track people down for the class president. It turned out to be more work than I anticipated, but it was also fun. I got to see a lot of familiar faces. It was a fun evening, with great entertainment and the food was good too.

It actually says class of 2001, not 200.
I'm old, but not THAT old :)

Me and my hubby!
I have to tell a funny story about us at the reunion. So towards the end of it Thad and I (plus Kiirstin and Michelle and their hubbies) went to the band room to check out the new amazing place and say hi to Mr.North. We end up talking for quite a while. Kiirstin and Michelle go back to the party and I am recruiting David Waters for the ISU Bengal Marching Band while Thaddeus is talking to Mr.North about the upcoming leadership camp at ISU.

When we finally got back to the reunion, the awards/nomination-ceremony-thing was already over. So I get there and find out I won an Idaho spud bar (super) and was nominated to help Michelle plan the next reunion. More work, but okay. Anyway, then two separate friends ask me where we had been for such a long time and if we hadn't sneaked to the band room to have sex!
WHAT? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Thaddeus and I? We would never do such a thing. Actually we probably would, but let me clarify for those who thought we did, that WE DID NOT.

I guess we were just a HOT couple that night :)

Hannah, Zach, and Me

Jodie, Kellie, and me
I've been friends with Kellie since the 2nd grade and Jodie sine the 3rd!

Michelle, Kiirstin, Mr.North (the band director), and me,
I've been friends with Michelle and Kiirstin since the sixth grade!
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18 July 2011

DCI show in SLC

I love drum corps.
After being aged out for a long time, I still wish I could go on tour in the summer time. It's not the same being in the stands, but the shows are great. Personally, I thought the Cadets were amazing. Here are a few pics I caught!

Just like last year I got to meet up with Robyn. We marched together in Troopers 2000. This past week she came up and visited. It was lots of fun. I tried recruiting her for the ISU marching band. She politely abstained :) She did hang out at our leadership camp a little and had a blast spinning the flag for the first time in a LONG TIME.

Of course, the only reason we were able to go to the show was thanks to our
FAVORITE COUSIN (in-law for me) Avery and her man Joe. They are the best and met us at the U, took the kids on the train to the planitarium AND had popcorn AND split a twix AND had a mud fight........the girls had a blast while we did.
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Happy Fourth

Yes, I'm a bit late
I had such a hard time picking photos out because there were so many great ones, so I decided to make a collage, or two or three.

We went to the park on 8th street. I'm not sure what it's called, maybe it's centennial. There we waited for the parade to start. It started to rain and blow, but the parade seemed to be delayed. That, or they had advertised the wrong time on line. Either way, we got lots of great pics and we had fun sitting on the side walk throwing pops and acting goofy. Then 11:30 rolled around and we had to take off to make it to great grandpa and grandma Ferrin's for a luncheon. As we crossed the street to get to the car, we could see very faint lights from the police cars who were finally heading the parade. The girls were a bit sad, but we promised to buy them candy and they cheered up.

Then we headed over to see family in Blackfoot. It is always fun and something I look forward to on the fourth. The "usuals" were there. Great grandma and grandpa (I somehow did not get any pictures of them). Sally and Jerry, Shirley and Rick. Cole, Chelsea, and beautiful Cori, us (Thad, Me, Elsa and Kajsa), Matt, and Rochelle with her adorable baby boy Trexton. We had a delicious lunch and then Matt and we went over to check Cole and Chelsea's new crib out. Crib, as in a house not a baby bed.......just in case anyone was confused.
After that, we headed back to Poky, dropped stuff off at home and then drove to the fair grounds. We had heard it advertised on the radio that the fireworks show here in town was supposed to be the "BIGGEST SHOW IN IDAHOOOOOOOO." (The man who did the commercial had a huge booming voice analogous to my upper case typing).
So we paid to get in!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the kids started playing on the blow up toys. Thad and I laid in grass on a blanket and then it started to rain, and rain and Rain. It RAINED some more and then we ran to the car, then it began to hail! It was nasty, we probably sat in the car for at least a half an hour. we debated leaving, but we HAD paid to get in. So we waited out the rain. It finally stopped and we went back in, bought some food. Mmmmm, nothing like fatty food for the fourth. Then we waited for the fireworks to start. It seemed like hours and I'm pretty sure it's because it really was.
All that waiting was worth it though. The Pocatello Fireworks show was hands down the best fireworks show I've ever been to. The girls were mesmerized the whole time and it seemed like the whole crowd was too. It was a great fourth. Hope yours was as fabulous as ours! Read more!