26 July 2010


Our big CONGRATS to the Blomquist and Ferrin families.

Mike and Leah had a beautiful baby girl July 2nd.
Ella Amara June Blomquist

Only a week later on July 10th,

Cole and Chelsea had a beautiful baby girl too!
Coraline Jo Ferrin

Welcome to the family sweet little girls :)
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Here are a few pics that Great grandma Ferrins
neighbor took while the girls were
over there
playing last year!

I just LOVE these and have meant to post them
for a long time.
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12 July 2010


So here's what we've been up to :0)

We made two trips to Utah in three weeks!
Here is Elsa and Kajsa with their second cousins
(on Thad's side) Brea and Christian.
Happy kids!

The Pince family took us to the
Salt Lake wetlands.

We made a quick stop at the
Swedish Heritage Society's
Midsummer Festival.

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