15 September 2009

Babies babies everywhere!

Seems that EVERYONE is having babies. First it was Kirsten then Avery, then Alexandra, Now Jodie just had her baby Cameron yesterday. Ida and Chelsey are about to pop any moment. Then Michelle and Kellie, and lets not forget Lise!
Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Sorry if I did!

I so wish that I could have been part of this baby boom.

Most of the girls who are having babies right now are having their second or third child. I'm hoping that by the time we're ready to have another one (crossing my fingers that Thad will even want more by then) that lots will be ready to have number three or four. I hear from everyone else that they just happened to get pregnant. I wish our prevention wouldn't work so damn good!

And no, we're not using abstinence :)
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Go Cowgirl!

We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair last week.

Morfar came with us.

We all enjoyed it.

This was the high light for me.

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13 September 2009

Horseback riding

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A few more camping pictures

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09 September 2009


For anyone that doesn't know.
We left on friday evening. Due to a few car accidents and pit stops on the road we were quite delayed getting up there. We didn't have a place in mind to camp we just figured it would work out. We didn't get up to the Island park/west Yellowstone area until around 9.30 10.00 ish. So it was pitch dark. Of course the first campground we got to was full. Jam packed to be exact. So we kept on driving and were getting a little worried. But we ARE big girls (or we like to think so anyway) So we didn't call our hubbies and ask for help;)

Instead we finally found a little road (with a "road closed" sign that we ignored) and drove past a bunch of campers. We finally found a spot (with the help of head lights and flash lights) It really was dark. The good thing was it was free and we had lots of privacy. There were other campers around, just far enough that if felt like we were by ourselves out in the woods, but close enough that it wasn't scary. The other campers had a bunch of kids with them too, so it felt pretty safe. Anywho, we got set up in the dark with the help of the head lights again and went to sleep pretty fast. The next morning we went and checked the Ranch out and then went into West to clean up a bit. Then we went on our amazing ride. Then we went back into West and got the Old fashioned pics taken.....then back to camp and chilled for a bit. Then sometime around one or two in the morning we finally hit the sack. We had a great time.

If you read this whole paragraph then you deserve a medal.

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On Fire

Don't mess with Stacie. When she's in the Wild she becomes......well, just have a look for yourself. This is her showing off her "fire makin' skills"
Just look at those muscles would ya ;)
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Two hot broads, enjoying the campfire.
It was so cozy sitting by the fire philosophying until the wee hours of the night.
Oh Joy for best friends!
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Purdy Horses!

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We were worried that the weather was going to get rough on us. That's what the weather people had said anyway. But nope, it was PERFECT the whole time, and Purdy. Just look at them Purdy horses.
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The Ranch

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was just four miles south of West Yellowstone. I don't know how many times I've passed by this place and always wanted to stop and ride. I never knew what it was called. If you're wondering it's the Diamond P Ranch. It was a great place. I highly recommend it.
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Just a few ramdom pics

These pictures are all from our horseback ride Saturday.
It was so much fun.
Both Stacie and I hadn't been horseback riding for years and years. Since we don't have any close connections with horse-y people we had to dish out the big bucks. There was a couple from Utah that rode with us. It was the wifes FIRST time EVER getting out of Utah. Can you believe that? Talk about crazy. She was 52, oh and it was also her very first time on a horse.
Let me just say, it WAS worth it. We rode WAY up in the mountains for about 2 and a half hours. The guide was really nice and his 12 year old cousin was helping him out. Since our group was so small we got favored a little. (Thanks to his little cousin who took us on a private trot ride....shhhhh don't tell) We both loved every moment of it.....well, almost, if you forget about when Stacie's stirrups were too low while she was trotting.
Well, I enjoyed every second of it anyway :)
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08 September 2009

Sneak Peek.....

There are lots of good pictures to come!
Here is the only picture I can get to today, since Thad took the laptop with him to school. He won't be home untill around 10:45 (22.45).... hopefuly I'll have some time tomorrow up load some pictures from our camping trip.

(Yes, I did play with the photo...and replaced it with this one)
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