31 March 2009

More relatives :)

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As I was saying in an earlier post my mom has lots of cousins up north. I wasn't able to visit with all of them (in fact I'm so terrible at my family history that I don't even know how many cousins she has) I'll have to ask mom next time I talk to her. Anyway, we met with two of her cousins (Britt and Maj and Maj's husband Göran), along with mom's uncle!! He's my grandfathers brother...right? Right! He's a whoppin' 87 years old, and going strong. He had a great sence of humor and beautiful blue eyes. It was so much fun meeting with all of them again.

After our little "fika" we followed Rune (my great uncle) and his wife (Göta) and they showed us the spot where my grandfather grew up. It was really dark by that time (not to mention snowing) and so the pictures I got didn't turn out. It was right next to a huge river and it was beautiful. It's always intriguing to meet with my mom's fathers side of the family since my grandfather passed away when my mom was only nine years old. I often wonder what her life would have been like, had he not died when she was so little. Read more!

30 March 2009

Rosanna Rosanna

what a cute name. When I was younger (and sometimes still) I was always jealous of my cousins cute name. Imagine having such a cool song with your name in it?
Rosanna and her hubby Robert (might I add that their last name is Roslund :) came over to Sivert's and we had a GREAT time. We ate some yummy food and made a blueberry pie together and split a bottle of wine. Mmmmmm, it was such a cozy evening and we had lots of fun. We took lots of cute and silly pictures.....here are a few.

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29 March 2009

Ett härligt gäng!

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Here are ALL of my cousins on my mom's side. My uncle has six boys and one girl. All of the kids names start with an R. Well, except for all the boys, they actually all have the same first name "Nils" and then they have middle names that start with an R, which they go by. Catch all that? So here's a shout out to Robert, Royne, Mysak (Roger), Ronny, Robin, Rosanna, and Rickard.

Tack för en trevlig kväll och hoppas vi ses snart igen :)
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28 March 2009

Going Celeb, haha

Back in February I did a little modeling shoot with some friends (Sara and Johan) from massage school. My friend, Johan, had a friend that worked for the company.....that's how we got lucky. We spent all day changing clothes and taking pictures. It was pretty fun. Well, they finally updated their website. It's in Swedish of course, so good luck. You have to click on "våra kollektioner" on the left hand side and then go through secion by section if you really want to find all the pictures of me. There aren't a whole lot of them, I think there are 7 all in all.

Elsa was thrilled. She and Kajsa love to go through catalogues and pick out clothes they want. (Like me, I circle everything I want to get, but that I never get cause it's to stinkin' expensive) Anyway, when I showed the girls the website I could see how proud Elsa was over me. Yay, I'm a model.........not. But in her eyes I am :) Health care clothes or H&M, what's the difference for a 5 year old? None, so I'm living as a celeb here at home. Just kidding of course. Well, here's the link.
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Ice Fishing!

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Where to start, where to start. My mothers family comes from Dalarna. That is north of where we live. The area has an amazingly beautiful landscape and the people there have an awesome dialect. Every time we go to visit relatives there it feels as if I'm coming home, despite the fact that I've never lived there.

My mother has one brother and MANY cousins that live in the surrounding area. We had the opportunity to meet quite a few relatives. While there, we stayed with my mom's cousin, Sivert. He lives way out in the middle of the forest right next to a lake. Being at his place brings back childhood memories since we were often there on vacation when I was young.

One of the first things we did when we came was go down to the lake and ice fish. We drilled a few holes, but the only thing we caught was a few cute pictures, no fish in sight!

Here's a little clip just to let you see how thick the ice was. From the collage above it makes it look as if it's not thick at all. Sivert said he could even take his tractor out on the lake and drive on it. Wow, amazing.......but I'd rather not try it, I'll just take his word for it :)
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Updates are coming.....

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I have quite a few posts to make but I haven't found the time to. It was wonderful up north visiting family. Here is a little picture that I cought of my girls on the train ride home. This picutre is a rare one, because of the fact that Elsa and Kajsa actually look alike in it. I'll be sure to post more soon, so stay tuned! Read more!

18 March 2009

Another time waster

My sister used to work at a customer service call center. When she did she would tell me stories of how stupid people can be. Calling in for the most simple things. I imagine that if you worked with that on a constant basis it would get pretty annoying, but otherwise it's just sheer entertainment.

So work has been a little slow lately and there hasn't been much to do. I've had to keep busy by perusing the interwebs for interesting things that my employer hasn't blocked. Today I found this site. The customer is not always right. Funny and stupid customer/retailer interactions. I spent way too much time at work looking through the given examples and seriously laughing out loud at a few of them. Like embarassing, spit out your gum and double over kind of laughing. Like this little gem.

(I was in a record store and I overheard this conversation.)

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a gift for my dad. He likes jazz - who do you recommend?”

Clerk: “Well, Louis Armstrong is pretty popular.”

Customer: “Louis Armstrong? Isn’t he the astronaut? He’s like the first guy to walk on the moon.”

Clerk: “No, no, you’re thinking Neil.”

Customer: “Fine, whatever, the first guy to kneel on the moon.”

There were some better and some worse. Seriously funny stuff though. I guess I have my work day all planned for tomorrow (which is my last day, by the way. Yippee!) Read more!

16 March 2009

Leaving on a jet train.......

Don't know when I'll be back again, oh wait, I do know when I'll be back. Well, almost anyway.

The girls and I are taking the train up north today to visit my mom's family. This will most likely be the last time I'll see them in a long time :(

As for the last little while, it's been busy!!! Nothing special has happened. We've been really busy with boring moving stuff. It looks as though someone wants to buy our car this Friday, so we've been driving things here and there and moving lots of big furniture since it will be lots harder to do that stuff withough a car. We are currently sleeping on an air mattress. Yesterday, some friends let us borrow one of those big kinds with a built in air pump.....it's much nicer than the dinky air matress that we were sleeping on.

I am going to have to catch up on the blog when I get back home.....I've got some cute pics from when Jonatan, one of the cousins, slept over. It was his first time sleeping away from home, alone. It went great, they had lots of fun. Elsa is also doing GREAT at riding. She is getting better and better at it. This last friday she had a huge pony....Linda, and the time before that she had Gold Rose. Well, I'm going to hurry along now so we don't miss the train.

Hope you all have a great month, I'll be back at the end of March ;) Read more!

03 March 2009

Hors-E(lsa) Time

Elsa is getting better and better at riding. Here's a little clip of her showing off her thing last friday after we droped Mathilda off at the train.

I've been struggling with weather or not to post this second video. It's a tiny clip of a little trotting action....the only problem is that I look like a huge DORK when I run along side her. Thad keeps telling me it's no big deal "I just run like a girl, that's all" Well, I have decided I just need to swallow my pride since this is the only clip we caught of Elsa trotting. Next time Thad comes a long, I'll be sure to think about how I run ;)

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01 March 2009

Clever Elsa

What? Haven't you seen anyone with tights on their head before?

Almost there

Now the last scary part

I can go down this thing.........as long as I'm not bare legged :)

Oh Joy and butterflies!

We had a good laugh when we saw what Elsa was up to. Cute new way to transport the tights to the top since she needed them to go down :)

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More Thursday!

Then after our modeling shoot we went to lekobuslandet in Gothenburg. Seriuosly, I know I've said it's a fun place before but SERIOUSLY, if you're ever in Gothenburg.....(I know, pretty unlikely for all of you USA readers) you're missing out if you don't stop by. We spent about three and a half hours there.

After some serious play time we took the trolly to the train station and waited for Thad to come and get us since he was in Gothenburg for rehearsals. It was a BORING wait, we tried to make it pass fast by getting hot dogs and drinking hot cocoa. Elsa and Kajsa helped out by needing to go to the bathroom, which eneded up being QUITE the project. (Thank goodness they could hold as long as they did) We were worn out by the time we got home.

Then friday wasn't so special....mostely just getting ready to drive Mathilda to the train in a near by city so she wouldn't have to make connections.....but lets not forget which day it is now. It's friday, my favorite day of the week when I get to pretend I'm Elsa and ride the ponies!! Next Post. Read more!

Top Models!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four gals had LOTS of fun playing top model on thursday. It's fun to see that the older Mathilda gets the more we start to look alike :) I always wanted a little sister. To do her hair and dress her up and play the older sister part with. It's SOOOOOOO fun to finally have her :)
Elsa and Kajsa quite enjoyed themselves as well............of course they didn't want to model in their clothes, no no no, they wanted the big girl outfits ;) Oh Fun!

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First thing First!

Mathilda, my little sister (on my dad's side) came to visit us this week from Stockholm. She is just so sweet and Elsa and Kajsa ADORE her..........almost as much as I do ;) I wish that we lived a bit closer so we could see eachother more often....but I shouldn't be complaining, it's about to get a lot worse. Here's a little peak at the fun we had with her.

The second she came I draged her off to come do boxercise with me. It was a HUGE work out cause the regular teacher was not there and the sub was a real boxer whom is the trainer for the Borås team.........yikes, it was pretty tough. We were proud when it was done. I shouldn't have gone though cause I was kind of getting sick....but I figured that I won't have another chance to go with Mathilda, at least not for a long time. And the price? I felt like a train had ran over me the next morning. I was SOOOO sore and my throat hurt lots. I tried to pretend like I wasn't sick this whole week cause, well, it was just bad timing to get sick. The girls weren't feeling all that well either honestly. I am a terrible mother and we just loaded up on the meds right before we went out and did fun stuff!!!!!! I know, terrible. But hey, we had lots of fun.

On tuesday we went to the city pool and swam, it was lots of fun but I didn't get any pics of it. It's kind of hard to take pics while you're busy swimming and having fun. Then tuesday night we baked Semlor and Bullar cause it was Fettisdagen, (Fat-tuesday). Fettisdagen is kind-of a holiday...it used to be, but now it's just the day when you get to eat Semlor. Well, that's not true either cause everyone cheats and eats them all spring long....anyway, if you're curious here's a bit about it in English here.

Wednesday we were going to go on a little hike up to Kypesjön...all of you dedicaded readers probably remember it, but it started raining. We went to lunch at McDonalds instead, woot woot. I really don't like their food much at all, but the nuggets are eatable. Then we were going to go and play at lekborgen, but they were remodeling!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, So we ended up just roaming the shopping centre. We stopped to get some ice cream and sat down to chill. Then all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. Everyone just kind of froze and...then a voice came over the loud speaker and said to evacuate the building. It was kind of scary. Three firetruks showed up!!!! But we didn't see any fire.....we walked home. It was kind of a flop day. Then we saved the day by going to see bedtime stories. It was a cute movie, and we ate pop corn and candy, on a WEDNESDAY!

On thursday......................................................To be continued in the next post :)

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