10 May 2011

The Diva!

Elsa auditioned for the ISU childrens choir in January and made it
(of course, she's amazing)
(Top left: Tiffany (Elsa's friend) Center: Kajsa putting on Mormors lipstick at the concert)

Here is a collection of photos from three different concerts.
In the last concert she was chosen (after auditioning)
to sing a solo piece along with about
6 other children who also qualified.
I will be posting a video of it here soon.
I was TREMENDOUSLY proud of her.
There was quite a crowd there and she sang it perfect.
She has been amazing, working so hard.
I can't believe what a great ear and range she has
(I'm a bit jealous if you want to hear the truth).

(The choir was asked to sing at the inauguration for the
Portneuf Medical Center. It was cold that morning)
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Girls with the jitters!

It was really hard to get three girls, one of which is only (almost) 5 months old, to cooperate with picture taking. Elsa and Kajsa could not hold still or consent to normal poses despite bribing. We have officially entered uncharted territory, usually they will flash gorgeous smiles for candy, but NOPE this is twice now. Maja was having a really hard time not eating her
hand and the very few smiles we got were
accompanied by my anti-photo-shoot-mood-girls making strange faces.
But here is the best we could do.
Maja + Kajsa + Elsa = Cuteness!
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Easter at the Ferrins!

It is getting really hard to get any smiling-posing faces out of my little girls. They just want to be a clown in front of the camera lately. So, here are our two silly and beautiful little Easter girls.
P.S. Elsa was born on Easter Sunday, which makes Easter a bit more special to us :) Read more!

Shout out to the new couple!

Congrats to Stacie and her Jason!
They were married on
April 1st 2011
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This was a really cool concert! The dancing was awesome. I wish I had a better camera. My 7 pixels and no flash was NOT optimal. Take my word for it though the colors were awesome. Read more!

Elsa is Eight!

Elsa turned 8 on April 20th!
Yes, it's true, I have an 8 year old.
She had a great birthday.
She woke up to the traditional song and presents
in bed and then raced off to school.
To celebrate her we went to Deleta where
she rocked her new roller blades.
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