23 June 2009

Ylva-Li is getting big!

Our baby girl Ylva-Li is getting so big. We got a little collar and leash for her and tried it on at home. Today we decided it was time for her to explore the "out doors" with us. We took her to Jensen's Grove. (I really, really love that place) She did great. We walked around the lake with her. It was lots of fun.
She's such a good doggie.

My super good-lookin' hubby and Ylva-Li

Kajsa Kavat making a cute face

Jensen's grove.
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Midsommar, Father's Day, Cars and Jobs!

We had a little Midsommar Festival last week.
Good Food, silly Dances, Fun Friends.
We were pleased.

It was Father's Day yesterday (in the states).
Cole, Chelsea and Kristene came over
and we all celebrated Grandpa for fathers day.

Elsa was freezing when we were going to take this picture....hence the sad face.
On a lighter note, here is Mormor and the girls after the midsommar festival was over.

Pretty as can be. She sang a solo, "Du ska inte tro det blir sommar" , at our celebration. She did a GREAT job. It is hard to believe she has the guts to sing a solo when she is only six years old. We were mighty proud ;)

We went to the Blackfoot Pride days the other week and learned how to make home made kites. They turned out really great. Here is Elsa, flying her's high.

This is MY car. I haven't had my own car since I was in high school. It is really exciting, I feel like I'm 16 again. Thaddeus decided to buy his dad's car. It is a 2006 Ford Fusion. It's really nice. BUT, Since we're living out in the boonies and we both need to work (or go to school if your name is Thaddeus) we really need our own cars. Well, my friend Stacie (gotta love her) called me up and asked if I wanted her old car!!!!

Um, yeah!

She's giving me a SWEET deal on it. It does have some problems though, I have to admit. Matt is helping me with it so far, and so far.....it's gotten me back and forth from Blackfoot to Rexburg several times. I mean, we have Thad's car if we need to go longer distances, but for trips into town and to Rexburg it's great.

Speaking of making trips into town, that's what I'll be doing a lot of soon. I got a job at the Flying J in Blackfoot.

I was not expecting to get hired since I had applied there about three weeks ago. It was the second job I applied for and then I decided I was going to lay low and wait until Thad gets a job. I was just starting to get used to hanging out. I was at my mom's house and the manager from the J called and asked me to come in for an interview!! I was way surprised, so I left the girls with my mom in Rexburg and jumped in my NEW CAR ;) and drove down.

The girls interviewing me seemed really nice and fun, and I was hired. Crazy! I know it's not a dream job, but it's a job and that's what I need. I can't believe I got a job after only applying at two places! It's bitter sweet. I've been enjoying my time on vacation. I was on paid maternal leave from 1 Feb-26 April and then on vacation from my work from 27 April-31 May. So I guess it's about time I start contributing to society again huh?

Well, I have enjoyed the time "off" immensely. I am starting at my new job some time this week. I had to take a drug test, so I'm just waiting for my test to come back. It was not a very fun test. They cut A LOT of my hair out to send to a lab. Seriously, I can't emagine why they would need that big of a chunk. One piece of hair should do, I would think...but then again I don't know how your hair is if you're a drugie. Maybe only some of the hairs are effected and that's why they mutilated me. J/K, or mabye the lady was just jealous of my gorgeous hair and that's why she cut so much of it off ;) Either way, when the results come back I have to start working. I'm excited to learn how to do the cash register. I've never done that before.

Elsa showed us that she can ride a bike all by herself right before we moved to the states. We were at the Horvatic's and she was borrowing William's bike. She just came up to us and told us she wanted to show us something. WOW! She can ride a bike without training wheels.
So a few weeks ago we went to wally's and got her a new girly bike. Here she is showing off her skills. Yes, I know she doesn't have a helmet......we'll get one this week. I promise!
If you pay attention you will catch just a glimpse of Grandpa's new ride in the garage.
It's N-I-C-E!

And that's a summary of what we've been up to lately.
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08 June 2009

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Sarah and Matt, sitting in a tree- K-i-ss-i-n-g!

My baby brother is getting married.
Matt, you picked a GREAT girl.

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