30 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

Bring it 2009 :)
We're ready for more adventure!

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22 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone !

Here comes the third annual 'Ferrin Christmas fun' card. We put the girls in front of the camera and asked them what they thought about Christmas and this is a little of what came out ;)

You can catch the previous years here and here.
It's amazing how much the girls have grown the past years.
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20 December 2008

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18 December 2008

Lussa på Djurparken

As many of you know, we live RIGHT next to the Borås Zoo. It is a BIG zoo, and a fun one to visit. Our city and the zoo has a project going where they want to integrate kids with animals and nature. We just happened to get lucky and belong to the day care that got picked to be a part of this program. So two days out of the week the day care kids walk to the zoo and get to learn about the animals. One day out of the week the zoo keeper comes to day care and they have some kind of nature/animl activity/lesson. They get to do all kinds of fun stuff from helping make penguin food to riding the ponies and getting the first glimps of the new baby elaphant. They also go out in the forest to learn about exciting stuff. I think Elsa and possibly Kajsa now know more about animals than I do =)

Anyway, as a result of the fact that they have a lot of connection with the zoo the older kids at day care got to go and "Lussa" at the zoo. I happened to have the day off but Elsa got to go anyway. Lucia is a celebration in Sweden (Inspired from a saint in Italy) and is celebrated on Dec 13th. (Or on the days surrounding it) Lucia,a girl, wears a white simple night gown and wakes her family early in the morning with candles in her hair and breakfast in bed. She sings "Sankta Lucia" As she wakes everyone up. It's a SUPER DUPER cozy and fun tradition. I'm posting a little clip of Elsa right after they went and sang at the zoo. Kajsa and I went out to meet them and were greeted by a very happy Elsa.

P.S. December 13th marks my 6th year in Sweden.
I arrived in Sweden with Elsa in my tummy on 13 Dec 2002

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Catching up

It's been a busy two weeks here with work and lots of play. I haven't really had a whole lot of time to update. My throat is starting to hurt and I seem to be getting sick again, so I took the day off to rest (I have quite a bit of flex time saved up at work which comes in handly for times like these) This weekend I have fri-sun off and I've planned a fun little girls night out with a bunch of friends and I REALLY don't want to get sick...er. So, cross your fingers that this day of rest will do me good. Thanks to the fact that I'm sick at home, you all get a little update =)
P.S. I just want to inform that our immigration process is moving along nicely!

So here's a little slide show to give you
a glimps of what we've been up to.

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Okay Stacie, here's the recepie I promised you.
I got this recepie two weeks ago from an elderly lady at work. I tried it and it turned out really yummy and it was SUPER easy to make. I thought I'd share with the rest of you who want to try something new.
1 dl = just shy of 1/2 cup
225 C=437 F

Preheat oven
Pie Crust:
3 dl flour
125 grams butter or margerine (one stick)
2-3 tsp cold water
(I put a tad bit of salt in there as well)
*use your hands to mix (room temperature) butter and flour together, add water.

-1 grilled chicken (small)
(I'm cheap and used 3 frozen chicken breasts and fried them and then cut them into small cubes...it worked great)
-leek or green onions
-4 dl creme friache (you can use sour cream instead if you can't get creme friache)
-curry (use as much as you want...you probably won't need much)
-1-2 tbs chicken stock (if you don't have the liquid stuff, just use normal bullion)
-grated cheese.

*Pre bake the crust for 10-15 minutes (don't forget to poke the dough with a fork before you bake it)
*Cut chicken into cubes and lay in the pre baked pie
*Chop onion into small pieces and fry
*Add creme friache (to the onion in the frying pan)
*Flavour with curry, chicken bullion, and salt, let is cook for a minute or so
*Pour over the chicken and cover with as much cheese as desired
*Bake in oven at 225'C Untill the paj has a nice color (about 30 minutes)

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11 December 2008

OH My!

This tagging thing is starting to spiral out of control. Alas, I can't turn you down Chelsey...I just love ya to darn much ;) K, I'm gonna try and get through this one fast.

TAG! YOU"RE IT! If I say your name, you have to do it too!

Who was the last male you talked to? Thaddeus, on the phone!

Who is someone that can always make you laugh? Johan Glans, Morgan Pålsson, David Batra..these are all Swedish comedians. I'm not sure if I have an "instant make me laugh person" on hand.

What were you doing at 10am this morning? Ironing clothes

What were you doing an hour ago? Dishes...random nothings

Do you plan on moving within the next year? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Are you wearing anything on your feet? Nope

What are you looking forward to in the next 3 months? Taking maternal leave and chillin' with my girls.

Do you remember your dreams? Most of the time.

Where did your last hug take place? This morning. Kajsa was not feeling well, and I held her....Mmmm cozy.

Have you been to a baby shower? Yes

What cell phone company do you use? cash card-comviq kontant.

What color is your hair brush? Black and grey, it's a big one!

Do you watch the Super Bowl? When is that anyway?

What about World Cup? Nope.

Do you sleep with a teddy bear? No

What is the last movie you watched? Full movie, like all the way through? I can't remember, sorry.

What movie do you think everyone should watch? Borat, it was just hilarious.

What is your middle name? Rebecka Viola

Do you have your future children's names picked out? Kind of.....If it's a girl I like Majken (but Thad doesn't like that, so then I like Cecilia. If it's a boy, I don't know....boy names are much harder to pick.

What color is your mailbox? We dont' have one. We have a slot in the door, it's metal (silver color)

Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Well, that depends on how far away you're coming from. But there is no bridge really close to where we live, no.

How many cars can fit in your driveway? That's kind of a trick question for us. But I guess you'd say 2...maybe three..

Who was your Kindergarden teacher? I didn't go to kindergarden.

Are you taller than your mom? YES

Do you have any bruises right now? I'm not sure...I'm not going to check.

Are you cold right now? No

Do any of your close friends have kids? Yes, lots of them.

Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now? Yes, a few (Kirsten...Avery, and then some)

How many years older and younger than you are you willing to date? I'm already taken ;) But I don't think age is THAT important.

What brand are your favorite jeans you own? Gina Tricot

What is the closest red object to you? There's a red heart on a bag with dirty laundry on the floor next to the laundry bag, hope that counts...cause I can't see a singel red object anywhere close to me.

What is your favorite video game? I'm not into video games....I guess mario brothers...you know the ones they played in the early 90's...... :)

Do you play games on your cell phone? No

Do you look more like your mom or dad? I dunno. This one has puzzled me before. I'm not sure that I belong to my parents, j/k. I guess I'm a good mix. Thad says I look more like my mom though.
(I have to agree with Sara when it comes to you Chels, you look a ton like your mamma:)

Have you ever broken an pinata? Don't think so

Do you have an iPod or Mp3 player? Neither :(

Who was the last person in your bedroom? Me...as I type.

What are your plans for this weekend? I'll be working. Blahhhh. But I did take Sunday evening off, so we can have some fun. I'm hoping we'll make it down town and go ice skating.

Have you ever crawled through a window? Yeah, too many times.

Do you lose your keys often? No, but if I happen to put them out in the open somewhere the girls will kife them!

How many keys are on your keychain? 5

When was your last encounter with the police? Haha, they rang on our door and asked if we'd seen the neighbour pizza place transporting sheep. Funny huh? It's a long story and pretty funny.

Do you sing in the shower? Most definitely

Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car? Always.. Always, always, always, why would you not? It takes a second to put them on. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

When do you start Christmas shopping? Usually last minute. This year though, all of the girls presents are bought and wrapped.

Are you finished shopping? Not quite.

How many people are you buying for? Eh, stupid question.

What are you leaving out for Santa? Either Chocolate chip cookies n' milk, or risgrynsgröt. But I'm not sure if we're leaving anything. It depends on if the girls want to or not.

Name 3 things you want for Christmas: My paperwork to get done fast. My paperwork to get done faster. I wanted to not have to work the holidays....but that's not going to happen.

Are you traveling this year? Sadly, no

If so, Where to? We'll be home. Just the four of us.

What kind of stockings are hung at your house? We haven't hung them yet. Honestly I'm not into the whole stocking thing.....we never had them growing up, and I just hasn't grown on me yet. But we do have two for E and K. Thad's grandma made them. And I have bough a bunch of junk to put in them ;)

Do you have a fireplace/chimney? No

Favorite things to get in your stocking? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Any family traditions? Christmas dinner, Swedish style. In Sweden Santa comes on Christmas eve and delivers the presents, gives them out....... and you get to hug him. The past 5 years we've done a good share of mixing traditions....I'm not sure if we've really found our own way of celebrating yet.

What foods does your family have every year at Christmas? Ham, köttbullar (meat balls)

Who is the most fun to buy for? The girls

Who is the easiest to buy for? The girls

Who is the hardest to buy for? Thaddeus, he never asks for anything.

Who gives the best gifts? Thad?

Any movies/specials you have to watch every year? Swedish TV always broad casts a bunch of small disney clips. Same one every year. It's a MUST see for all kids here. Usually the grown ups gotta watch it too.

Who passes out the presents? Santa

Main stores you have shopped at this year: Albrekts guld (shhhh, don't tell. Elsa is getting sparkly stuff)

What kind of tree do you have? Haven't gotten it yet. Oh my, we had planned on getting one today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing, I filled this out. I almost fogot.

What are your 3 favorite ornaments on your tree? I dunno.

What adorns the top of your tree? A star

Do you collect anything Christmasy? Nja, kind of

Whose kids are you buying for this year? My own and Ida's.

Can you name all 9 reindeer? Haha, k...Rudolf, donner and blixen, dancer, prancer, fancy pantser...I don't know anymore.

Ever watch Ernest Saves Christmas? No.

What's your favorite Christmas drink? JULMUST.

Do you like Eggnog? Not really. But Thad made this one egg nog for Thanksgiving and it's the first time that I didn't think it tasted nasty. Maybe he'll make it again....

What flavor candy canes do you like? I don't really like them.

When do you take your tree down? Usually right after new years.

Is Christmas still magical for you? Well, it's great for the kids. And I LOVE getting the girls presents and helping them buy presents for eachother. But Magic, no.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? The tree, and getting together with everyone. Christmas songs. Buying presents that make people happy.

Do you donate at Christmas time? Sometimes, but not anything big

Do you make sure to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas? True meaning? As in?

How many nativity scenes do you have in your house? NONE!

Have you been naughty or nice?
Hmmm, I have my nice streaks but mostly naughty

And I TAG: Stacie, Kirsten and Anja. Read more!

09 December 2008

16 things you never knew you didn't want to know.

By Michaela

Yes, it’s the same game as below. This time, however, I (Thaddeus) will be sharing completely unnecessary information about myself. So I’ll just get it over with.

1.) I don’t like to talk (write) about myself. I figure that if someone wants to know things about me, then they would ask. Even then, the subject of me is quite an uncomfortable topic. It just feels to egotistical, which, I guess I am not.

2.) Music is my passion. I love it. Couldn’t live without it. It’s hard to really nail it down and say what my favorite type of music is. I just like good music. From drum corps, to the symphony, to simple guitar, to groovy. It makes me happy.

3.) I love to drum. I’m pretty good at it too, or so they say.

4.) I have an awesome family. I know that sounds like a cop-out answer, but it’s true (also cliché). I have extremely adorable and talented kids, and a super-sweet beautiful sexy Swedish babe of a wife, who also happens to be a very kind and caring person. I love you Michaela!

5.) My Swedish is now nearly as good as my English. Which isn’t as amazing as it sounds because I swear my English is getting worse by the day. It’s one thing to sit and write or talk with Michaela, but as soon as I start speaking English with someone else I start to stumble all over my own words. It’s embarrassing…

6.) I am a pacifist. I can’t even imagine becoming violent with someone. I really struggle to understand what would drive anyone to violent actions.

7.) Reading used to be one of my favorite pastimes. Nowadays though, books are few and far between. I used to read all the time but at some point I stopped because I think it started to interfere with my life. I remember several occasions in college where someone would hand me a book and suggest I read it, and I would end up reading all night long and finish the book the next morning. Obviously this wasn’t good for my attendance record, because I would end up sleeping the rest of the day away. It’s an addicting habit.

8.) I hate hassle. If given a choice between several alternatives I will most likely choose the most convenient one. But not necessarily the most convenient for me. Because…

9.) I also hate to be a hassle. I don’t like to impose upon or complicate things for others. Sometimes I can go so far out of my way in order to not be a hassle for someone, that it’s ridiculous.

10.) Stressing out is not something I do. At least not often. I’m usually as cool as a cucumber.

11.) I consider myself a rather optimistic person.

12.) The world fascinates me. In fact the entire Universe fascinates me. It’s just so vast and puzzling. I wish I knew everything. The whole universe is so interesting , I wish there was some way that I could just take it all in and understand…

13.) But I wont. I do like to learn things though. I love to read through scientific articles and see how much we (humans) are learning everyday. I think science is really cool, and although don’t have a very scientific mind, it is one of my interests.

14.) I’m not the real social type. It’s not that I’m anti-social in anyway. I do like people, and I think it’s fun to hang out. But I don’t have a need for being around people all the time.

15.) I am an atheist. A little clarification for those who are curious, because I know you wont ask. I don’t believe in magic, fairy tales, superstitions, the paranormal, UFOs, psychics, reincarnation, gods, pseudo-science or an afterlife. And I hate to say it… But Santa Clause isn’t real. Sorry. I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a skeptic.

16.) It may seem bizarre to some, but I’m a socialist. A social democrat really. Don’t worry, I’m not a communist. Here in Sweden I’m considered more of a moderate.

Well, there you go. 16 unnecessary facts about me. I now have no one left to tag so jag bjuder på den här :) Read more!

06 December 2008

Christmas Concert

Here are a couple of pics from the
Borås Homeguard Band's
traditional Christmas Concert from this thursday.
The pic in the bottom right hand corner is me;
lighting was not optimal for picture taking,
not with a cheap camera anyway :)

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Here's a tiny clip of "Bereden väg för Herran"
a Swedish Christmas Psalm
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TAGGED by Avery
(the prego one :)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. Fact: I have lived in the US for a total of 12.5 years and in Sweden for 14 years. Just about 50/50 in both countries. So do I feel like an American or a Swede? Well, I feel like I'm about a 50/50. This is a huge dilemma for me. When I am in Sweden I miss the States and when I'm in the States I miss Sweden. I don't think this will ever go away for me.

2. I am not the kind of person that likes to beat around the bush. If I have an important issue to talk about I like to get it out in the open, say it, talk about it, get it over with. This way I feel like all the weird tension won't have to ruin the conversation.

3. I love clothes. When I was growing up we could NEVER afford to buy new clothes for us kids. We went to D.I. before every school year and got a "bishops order" and got new school clothes. Woo hoo. I thought it was super duper embarassing, and I usually could never find anything good. I remember buying my very fist pair or "real" new jeans when I was a senior in High school. A pair or silver jeans and Jodie went with me to find them. I had to buy them with my own money! As a result I think I've gotten a little TOO into new clothes now that I'm not dirt poor. I can just itch to get new clothes if I haven't bought anything new for like two weeks. I love H&M and Gina Tricot. I could go shopping for hours and hours, as long as I don't have the kids with me......cause that's a whole other story.

4. Candy and Chocolate make me sick. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat both and I crave them all the time. I'm addicted to sugar. But, too much chocolate or candy makes me sick. And when I say too much, I mean it doesn't take a whole lot. I can feel literally sick to my stomache after eating one single candy bar. One would think that this would mean I wouldn't eat too much of it then. But no, not me.....I eat lots of it and as a result feel sick quite often. Sometimes I think I'm allergic to sugar. I tell Thad like every day that I swell up when I eat sweets, but then I just keep eating them anyway. I'm pathetic!

5. I love to tan. I realize that a lot of people enjoy this as well. I feel like I've been deprived of the sun for 6 years now. Borås has the reputation of being the rainiest city in Sweden, and I can say that it's reputation is a true one. It SERIOUSLY rains here just about every day, and if it doesn't it's usually gray. It is soooo depressing. I miss the sun so much and whenever it comes out it just feels so wonderful to have it shine on my skin. I've always liked to tan and get brown during the summer, but now that I haven't had a whole lot of sun during the summers as well, it feels like I need to tan, not to get brown, but rather just to feel the light on my skin. I can't wait to be in Idaho this summer ;)

6. Unlike many (Thaddeus) who enjoys being indoors for long periods of time. I can't stand to be inside for more than one day. I start going CRAZY if I'm indoors too long. It almost feels like my lungs run out of oxygen and I'm gonig to suffocate if I stay in any longer.

7. I love mossy forests. You can imagine how much moss there is in the forest here since it rains ALL the time and as a result the forest floors and trees are COVERED with moss in many areas. They call these kids of forest "troll forests" and it's one of those things that's always been a childhood memory of Sweden for me. I always feel nostalgic when I go out in a mossy forest.

8. I generally really like people. I honestly believe that all people are good; That there is no such thing as a "bad" person. People become bad when they've been raised in a bad way and put in terrible situations. I believe that if you are loved and cared for you will become a loving and caring person.

9. I like to make people laugh. Even if it sometimes means I have to make a fool out of myself. I get a natural high when I can make people happy.

10. I am not shy, not in the least bit!

11. I love my girls more than anything on this planet. I'm sure that wasn't a secret or anything. But I really didn't know that you could love someone as much as this. I tell Elsa all the time that she'll never be able to love me as much as I love her and that when she has her own kids then she'll understand.

12. I am a very social person. I LOVE lots of people getting together and celebrating. It can be a birthday party or just a holiday (like a parade)..etc etc. Anything really. I'm a people person. The more the merrier.

13. Fact: I am 165 cm tall

14. I used to be a very religious person and somhow always feelt like there was something missing or I always felt like I was searching for something...trying to figure something out. But now, I'm an Athiest and I've never felt more at peace and happy about my life then now. Ironic isn't it? Since religion is usually associated with helping people find comfort through life. They often say that without religion life has no meaning, but I feel just the oposite. Without religion I feel like life has all the meaning in the world, since this is all I get. This is it, I feel it is a privilege to excist in the first place, a privilege I don't want to throw away.

15. Goal: I have a goal to live in the NOW. To not stress myself out about things I can't control anyway....(like the afterlife, which I believe doesn't exist) But rather enjoy the things in life I often take for granted that are real, like Thaddeus and my girls. My good health. My friends. My family. That I have a job and can help support us. This planet. My goal is to learn to step back and see what's really important in life, what really makes you HAPPY. Truely happy. Life if short, for many it is far too short. So spend it with the people you love, and show them that you love them, don't just tell them. This is something I'm trying to work on. It will be on my new years resolutions list this year...again. I difinitely have room to grow in this area.

16. I LOVE TO WORK OUT! I love a good work out. It can be just about any form of work out. Swimming, dancing, jogging, yoga, kick boxing, hiking. Whatever. Working out is investing in your future... it really is. We only get one body and I don't want to have all of those aches and pains that you can get so easliy by neglecting your body some good old fashioned excersice. Sooo, do something for your heart, (you know that little thing that keeps you alive) and go for a walk. Show your body some LOVE LOVE LOVE.

K, I dont' think I have 16 blog buddies to tag. But here's everyone on my list that hasn't been tagged yet (that I know of anyway) I guess I'm supposed to tag you back Avery...is that right? Then I tag Thaddeus, Stacie, Ellen, Anja, Terra, Clara, Jodie, Kirsten, Katrina, Kellie, Terrah, and Amy....and If I missed anyone that hasn't already been tagged then I tag you to ;) Read more!

02 December 2008

Thanks Anja.......You just have too much fun stuff on your blog :) I couldn't resist.

Who was your last text from?


Is your phone close to you?
Yup, on the desk

Bet you're missing someone now?
Tons of people....I don't even know where to start.

Last place you ate?
At the kitchen table.

Have you ever been cheated on?
I don't think so, not that I am aware of anyway :)

Is anyone interested in you right now?
Well, there's this one guy Thaddeus.....he's sooooo hot! I think he likes me ;)

Do you get along with girls?

Yes, girlfriends are great.

Have you ever been given an engagement ring?


Where does most of your family live?
Depends, most of my close-related family lives in Idaho, but I have more faimly here in Sweden

Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced?
It has probably crossed my mind...but I don't think it's for me.

Rent a movie or go to movies?
Go to movies

Are you happy with life?
Most of the time, Yes difinitely!

Could you cry right now?
No, what a weird question

Are you a jealous person?
Yes! It's terrible and even embarassing, but it's true.

What were you doing this morning at 7am?
Just punching in at work

What are you listening to?
Nothing, I can hear the kids breathing from the other room (they're asleep)

Is there anything that you are craving right now?
Not really

What do you need to be doing right now?
Getting ready for bed

Where have you lived throughout your life?
Hjo,Sweden; Rexburg, Idaho; West Yellowstone, Montanna; Borås, Sweden

What were you doing at 1 AM this morning?

Whose house were you at last?
House? Apartment? Hmmmm, it's been a while since I've been anywhere. I was at work today, does that count?

Where were you friday night?
Home celebrating Thanksgiving (Mia was at our place :)

Do you wear a seat belt in the car?
Always always

Next vacation you're going on?
Hmmm, well...I'm not sure. We'll probably be really tight on money for the next five years or so. I really really hope that Thad and I will get to celebrate our wedding anniversary for reals this time though. Maybe we'll just drive down to Vegas, or even just to Lava hot springs since we stoped by there when we got married. I'm hopoing that babysitting will be much easier to come by once we're in the states again ;) Hint hint, any volunteers?

Do you like to text or call more?
Call, I don't really like to text very much.

Would you forgive your best friend for hooking up with your love interest?
Mmmm, I think not. I guess if depends on the situation. But in my relationship I couln't emagine that happening ever so, No

Who did you last talk to on the phone?
Thaddeus ;)

Where will you be in an hour?

Still home, hopefully in bed.

When was the last time you slow danced with a boy or a girl?
hahahaha, this is really funny. I actually danced with an old man at work today for like 10 seconds. (He must be well in his 80's) He had this really cute music on an so I went along and danced with him. (slow dancing....I'm asuming that means real partner dance, cause I didn't do the bear hug thing with the old dude) I love old people!

How late did you stay up last night and why?
I went to bed around 9.00. I know that's way early, I usually don't make it to bed that early. But then Elsa woke me up cause she had to go to the bathroom (I don't understand why I have to know) .....then I fell asleep again. Then my mom called and woke me up again. Tonight I just won't go to bed as early.

What's the connection between you and the last person you texted?
He's my lover, a.k.a. husband

Who last sent you a myspace message?
Leah, my new sister-in-law. I don't use my myspace a whole lot anymore though

What are you doing tomorrow?

Working down town as a massage therapist, then I've got a rehearsal with the home guard band.

What does your hair look like today?
I straightened it today. (Yesterday I had curls ;)

Biggest annoyance in your life right now?
Lazy people (which sometimes includes myself! ) Not having enough time to work out as much as I want to.

Have you spoken to your mother today?

When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
I talked to Matt on the phone on friday. We usually chatt quite often though. I'm pretty sure I talked to Shirley yesterday, but it was a quicky.

What does your last sent text say?
Hahaha, do I have to do this one. I think I'm going to skip it!

Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
Maybe...depends on the circumstance. Years ago, I'd say no for sure......but I think my look on life has changed a bit when it comes to those kinds of difficult questions.

Do you get drunk every weekend?

Have you ever slept in contacts?

Have you seen the movie Thirteen?

Are you in a good mood?

When is the last time you held hands with someone?
This morning (Elsa and Kajsa on the way to Day care)

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks?
Well, it depends on the occation. Thaddeus wouldn't drink in an unappropriate time or place so, No.

How many [Alvedon/Asprin?] do you take at a time?


Have you ever fallen asleep in someone's arms?
Mmmmm, yes!

What's on your mind right now?
Gotta type fast, gotta type fast

Does anyone have feelings for you?
Feelings for me? I hope so....is that supposed to mean "lovey duvy" feelings?

Does the last person you held hands with mean anything to you?
They sure do, they're my little treasures!

Anything you're giving up on?
superstition. I'm still concidering not ever doing music again....but somewhere way down there I still just want to play music for a living :(

Do you care what people think about you?
Sometimes, yes. But most of the time, honestly: NOT AT ALL. I am pretty much an open book. I have nothing to hide, and I love straight forward, honesty.

Is there anyone getting on your nerves at the moment?

K, I just went on the honesty rampage.....so a few people at work..........most of the people I work with are really great though.

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
That would be Thaddeus

Do you have a best friend to lean on?
Yes! And I concider myself lucky for it.

Do you still talk to the last person you kissed?
Yeah, duh!

Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
Yes. K, on Sunday I went to the store and had rollers in my hair and a bandana tied up around my head and NO make up on. This is nothing I like to sport around in....but I really needed to go to the store and couln't take the rollers out yet. (I hadthe concert that eveing) You're still the same you under all of your clothes and make up. I do have to add that I ran into someone I know....go figure!

Where is your phone?
Land phone is in the hallway, cell phone right next to me

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Brushed my teeth, flossed, rinsed with my super strong cavity killing mouth wash. washed my face.

Do you call anybody by their last name?
Hmmm. I'm not sure

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Yes I have, when I was pretty young too, and it hurt my feelings pretty bad. I was a "bad influence" on lots of people all through high school. I realize now though, that I wasn't a "bad" influence, rather an influence.....and since I've always believed in beeing me, which many times entales going against the grain, being the so called "bad influence" is just a small price to pay to being happy in my own skin and honest.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
Hmmmm, When prop 8 was passed. I just thought it was so discrimminating. I didn't have any specific person that I wanted to punch in the face though.....and I didn't really want ot punch someone in the face, but it was the last time I really got upset, really.

What did you last cry over?
I can't remember.

Where did you go last night?
I was home

Has someone put their arm around you in the past 5 days?
Yes sir

How many windows are open on your computer?

Where will you be 2 hours from now?
Hopefully in a deep sleep

If the last person you kissed said they loved you, what would you say?
Right back at you hottie

Do you believe that any of your ex's think about you?
I think so, I still think about all of my ex's every now and then. I believe that there's something good about everyone that you've been together with, that's how I see it anyway. Why else would you have cared for them?

Tell me about the shirt you're wearing?
It is gray, very plain..long sleeved. I am wearing a tunnika/dress over it. (it's also gray...just in a darker shade)

When was the last time you were outside?
A few hours ago

Are you afraid of the dark?
Hmmm, sometimes. It's just that you can't see so well when it's dark. Has anyone else noticed that?

Who did you last say I love you to?

Kajsa and Elsa at bed time. Or maybe I threw in a fast "I love you" on the phone when I talked to Thad. It's very possible!

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