31 October 2009

Last week Thaddeus

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turned 29.
Wow, one year away from being a real grown up.
(Next year I want to do something big like throw a big surprise party.......... Not so sure he would appriciate it though, as in he hates lots of attention)

We don't have a whole lot of money right now and he is way too nice to turn me down when I suggested we go to Boise for his birthday. So this is what we did last week. We drove down to Boise early saturday morning. Matt and Sarah car pooled with us. Got to Chelsey's house around...geez I can't remember, maybe one in the afternoon or so. Started drooling over Brynlee, the new niece.......kept drooling. Took a shor break and went out for a nice dinner just the two of us. They had GREAT margarita's. Mmm.
Made it back to Chelsey and Austin's. Played a board game while continuing the drooling where we had left off and ate some junk food.
Next day we drooled more and then took off to see Mike and Leah and their new house. It was really cool. They have lots of room and a good location. I am excited for them. Mike hooked me up with a sweet snowboard as well.
I have to admit, I am slightly excited about winter this year. I can't say I enjoy the cold cause I HATE it, BUT this year will be my first year actually being able to do a winter sport and I am gitty (I think it's supposed to be giddy...but I don't care) about it. Matt works at Kelly Canyon and can get us in free, FREE! Snow boarding is new for Sarah too...so I am really excited. Free pass, cheap gear and someone to board with that won't make me feel like a looser.
Sooooo, moral of the story:

Happy Birthday Thaddeus, next year you're in for it!
P.s. All my friends think you are SUPER hot, and you know you are...even though you won't admit it. So HA!
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27 October 2009

Elasta girl !

A few weeks ago Kajsa and Elsa started a gymnastics class. Turns out Kajsa is quite the little Elasta girl. She is already doing back bends by herself. (granted they are from they laying down possition....) Her balance it super good and her splits are not far from being mastered. She is loving it. These pictures are from last week. Although Elsa begged to do gymnastics instead of the cheer class she originaly started out with, today she told me she doesn't want to do gymnastics either. She doesn't want to keep riding.....hmm, I want her to find something fun to do. All she could come up with today was drums!
She wants to play the drums. Thad told her that's great but if she's going to take drum lessons from him then she needs to actually listen to what he says, even though he's JUST dad! We'll see how this goes ;) Either way, I'll be keeping this site updated with Kajsa's gymnastics fun!

Goal for this week...get a pic of Kajsa doing the bridge ;)

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16 October 2009

Coming together

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I have been working on Elsa's room for quite some time now. Seems I never have enough money to get the things I want for decorating. BUT things are starting to come together ;)
We bought the bed and the book shelf (that we use instead of a dresser), at IKEA. I LOVE that place. The paint we used was left over paint that we found in the basement ;)
We did have to buy ONE bucket of white.

The little heart shaped stool we got from Kristene, she had it laying around her house and was going to toss it or get rid of it at a garage sale. We peeled a sticker off of it and painted it.

This AMAZING shelf was built by Cole. For those who don't know who Cole is, he is Thad's younger brother. He happens to work at a cabinet place and came and measured Elsa's bed and created this shelf to match it. He said he just threw it together in about an hour. I wish I could do stuff like that.

I picked up the painting at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was kind of pricey, but I thought it was worth it since it matched so well. The little vases, marbles and flowers I just bought at wal-mart.
I was slightly upset while at wal-mart. I have noticed that plastic flowers look much worse here in the states than they do in Sweden.
It is annoying.
These were the most real looking ones I could find.

All in all, I am happy with how her room is turning out concidering I have not put a whole lot of money into it. My next goal is to sew a duvét cover and curtains to match.
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08 October 2009

From Blonde to Brunette!

I had planned on letting my hair grow out......but right about at this middle length time I start going crazy. I've been a bit bored with my hair as well, for quite some time. I decided to be brave and try something new. Well sort of......I've had an a line cut several times before and I knew I like those a lot. But I've NEVER had hair this dark before. I went in and asked to get some "RED" highlights with DARK hair. I had Kajsa with me for the appointment and I told the hair lady I wanted Kajsa's color for the high lights along with a little blond. This is what I walked out with. But I am getting used to it and I think I actually like it a lot. Of course I had to dye my eye brows as well, they looked retarded with the dark hair.
I love how the dark brings my eyes out. It is really fun to have something new for a change. Not so excited about having to deal with it when it starts growing out.
But for the time being I love it!
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06 October 2009

More babies......

Ida o Tomas har ÄNTLIGEN fått sin lilla tjej.

Leah var född söndagsmorgon, inte en dag för tidigt!!!!

Tror faktiskt att ida var beräknad till den 24:de september,

men gick över tills den 4:de oktober.

(Du får rätta mig om jag har fel Ida)

Vad jag saknar familjen Horvatics.

Underbara människor, fina snälla barn.

Det gör ont i hjärtat att man inte kommer

lära känna lilla Leah så som man skulle ha gjort

hade vi bott kvar i Borås.

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03 October 2009

Brynlee, my new niece!!!!

Chelsey Gale had her baby!

she was a whopping 8 lbs 11oz.

Yeah, big girl!

Due to the lack of more pictures (HINT HINT, I WANT MORE PICS NOW), this is all I have. It's from a cell phone, so it's not great quality.

Nevertheless, enjoy, she is one ADORABLE baby and I can't wait to meet her.
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