29 July 2009

I feel like

THE happiest person alive right now. Yesterday I went job hunting ALL DAY LONG. I don't even know how many applications I picked up and how many stores I visited. The very last place I walked in before I was going to call it quits is the place I got hired at. I was not even expecting to get an application or anything, infact I didn't even know the place was there. I was actually going to stop in at Bealls and check if anything had changed there and if they needed anyone. I just decided to keep walking that little strip mall and see what was there. I walked past a tanning place and thought, "eh, what the hell" I've been everywhere else so why not. I walked in and it was really cute. I started talking to the girl behind the counter (who owns the place with her mom) and told her I was a masseuse as well and that I needed to find a new job. Turns out she did need someone and so we talked for quite a while and it sounded very positive. Then today I went back and it's official :) I will be starting next week. I will be working not just as a masseuse but with the tanning and body wraps as well. This is wonderful as I know that working full time as a masseuse would wear me out. I'll be keeping all you guys posted. This job seems to be right up my alley, no more nasty fast food grease for me thank you. (besides tomorrow that I'll have to painfully endure) Read more!

24 July 2009

Family get away

Last week I worked six days in a row. When I finally had my day off I just wanted to get out of town and go somewhere fun with the family. So we jumped in the car and headed for Cave Falls. Only to find out that the little cave by the falls (hence the name cave falls, duh) had a HUGE pile of rocks in front of it and was no longer accessable. We were really surprised. Elsa and Kajsa felt totally jipped since they'd been looking forward to the cave. We ate lunch there and were just about to be lunch as well. The mosquito's were TERRIBLE. Elsa and I have lots of scabs from getting bitten so bad.

Since we didn't get to go in the cave we were planning on, we decided to keep heading north and went to Mesa Falls. I don't know how many times I've been there. It's a lot. But it was lots of fun to see it again. The kids had a great time as well. Thaddeus and I reminisced the whole drive, since the stretch toward West Yellowstone was the one we made every week when we lived up there in MT while we were pregnant with Elsa and newly wed.

The Ferrin Girls!
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Chelsey's shower!

I think most of my friends already know that Chelsey, my sis-in-law, is having a baby girl. Last week we had a shower for her. Rachel, Chelsey's friend, and I planned it. It was sooooo much fun. Here are a few random pictures from the shower. My favorite part of the shower was watching great grandma Ferrin laugh, oh and making everyone smell poopy-looking baby diapers. It was pretty fun watching Chelsey feed Aunt Sally with baby food as well.
whoa haha, I'm evil!

Can't wait to see baby girl soon ;)
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19 July 2009


har lärt sig att rrrrrrrulla sina R. Som dom flesta barn gör när dem lär sig detta så överdriver hon nu. Eftersom alla hennes "r" var tidigare utbytta mot "l" så försöker hon att fixa det. Så här låter det hemma hos oss.

"Jag kan sjärrrrrrv"

"Ta på mig Krrrrrräderna"

"Det Krrrriar på mig"

Det är så himla roligt att höra. Hon sitter och ritar ibland och bara rrrrrrrullar och rrrrrrrrullar allt vad hon orkar.
Det första R ordet hon lärde sig att säga rent var "skor." Hon är så stolt över sig själv. Men inte lika stolt som jag är ;)

Härrrrrrrrligt, Rrrrroligt, underrrrrbarrrrrt!
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15 July 2009

Fun with the Pince Family!

About two weeks ago we drove down to Utah to go to Avery's shower.
It was lots of fun to be a part of it. We took a few goof pictures.
Here they are, enjoy!
Hope to see all FOUR of you soon!
Thanks :)
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06 July 2009

The 4th!

We started out the 4th of July by going down to Pocatello to see the parade. The girls thought it was fun, although I must admit it wasn't much of a parade. They got a little candy though, so it was all good.

Kajsa got her face painted, which she quite enjoyed as you can see by her facial expressions ;)

Elsa got her face painted as well. She got two big stars on both sides of her cheek.

Kajsa's fabulous fireworks face!

Elsa the tatood rebel!

After the parade, mormor and Jeff came down and joined us for lunch at Great grandpa and grandma Ferrin. We had some seriously good food. The weather was perfect as well.

Jeff tried his hardest to stay away from the camera, but I caught this of him!! Mwah ha ha!

Great grandpa Ferrin

The young love birds!

Awe how cute!
I didn't get very many pictures from the lunch....there were a bunch of us there though.

After the lunch Thad and I played in the community concert in Blackfoot. It was pretty fun. Thaddeus got to show off on the drumset. Everyone was drueling over him, including me of course.

After the fire works we went to IF with Sarah (Matt's fiancé) and Cole and Chealsea. We meet up with Matt and watched the fireworks. It was lots of fun! Then we went home and we were going to do some of our own fireworks, but we were way too tired. So we just crashed.
And there ya have it. That was our eventful 4th of July!

P.S. I wore my new "4th of July dress" that I bough WAY back in the spring time in Sweden. I didn't get any pics of it though. You'll just have to trust me, it was really cute :)
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Pretty in Pink

Here is the little curtain and duvet cover that I made for Kajsa's room.
I just love the patter, it's so Kajsa.

Elsa's room FINALY was carpeted and finished yesterday.
I can't wait to get started on her room.
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Our pup, Ylva-Li, was hit by a car on friday evening last week. She didn't make it. We miss her terribly. Just when I was starting to become a "dog person" I get my heart ripped out. Elsa was crushed and cried all night as well. We burried her under the willow tree in the back yard.

Here is the last clip we have of her!

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Told you so!

So here are a few picks from last week after I got the girls their helmets. I did get them that same week that I promised.....just to be clear ;) Read more!