04 May 2012

Spring is here, and summer nearly upon us

AND I just finished taking finals yesterday afternoon. Grades have not been posted (as of this minute) and I am just a tad worried that I may get my first "bad grade." There may be an A- awarded to me this semester. After working hard to keep up my 4.0, I believe I have reached the threshold of despair. I am sick of school, and sick of studying. I want a break. Today is my first day of freedom from school. I donated plasma. Booooo! I am also sick of donating plasma. The scars on my arms don't even look like scars, they resemble craters! Big, Fat, Nasty, Craters. However, I have FABULOUS (to be read with a flamboyant gay mans voice) news. I was hired at the new Allstate Insurance facility in Chubbuck. I will be starting om May 11th (Yes, on Kajsa's birthday). I will be working full time during the summer and then part time during the school year. YAY for a pay check! SAD FACE for not getting more than a week of summer break. I guess I have a week to catch up on blogging before I start work. I know, I am pathetic. If you were me, you'd be pathetic too, cause you'd be me, and you see: I'm pathetic.