24 May 2009

Elsa lost it!

Oh my, the tough little buggar finally decided to let go.
Actually, I had to "help" it out. Elsa was so worried that it would hurt, but once it finally came out she didn't think it hurt at all. There was a whole lot of blood though. She rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. Then she ran upstaird and showed pappa.
I don't know why this feels like such a big deal. I don't think Elsa even cares all that much. For me if feels like a HUGE step toward having "big" kids. Happiness/sadness. I can't help but ask Elsa to stick her tounge out the little whole just cause I think it's so adorable. I've asked her several times to stick her tounge out today, just for me. It's such a crazy feeling having a six year old who looses her milk teeth. Who'd a thought when you have your little babies that they'll loose their teeth and get all growd up on ya?
Elsa insisted on giving Kajsa half of the money she got from the tooth fairy last week from the first tooth that she lost. This time I though she'd keep it all, but nope. As soon as she counted it she said she was going to split it even with Kajsa. And she did.
Elsa is not very sold on the tooth fairy though. She quized me a whole bunch right before she went to bed last night and said, "I think it's just you or dad that pretend to be the tooth fairy". I tried not to give it away, but at the same time not make her stupid by helping her believe rediculous stuff. So I asked her why she thought that. She had some pretty good clues. I just smiled at her and told her she better keep watch if she wanted to find out ;) She said she was going to lay in bed and pretend like she was sleeping so she could bust the myth...... too bad she feel asleep right away.
What a cutie.


Schwabs said...

Wow, I was totally gullible at that age. I think it's super sweet that she shared the goodies- I never would have done that either.

Anonymous said...

Vad söt hon är!