20 May 2009

Lotta Lava Love

Thaddeus and I had a little LOVE trip this past weekend. Since I LOVE water I wanted to go to Lava Hot Springs. He's too sweet to turn me down, so we went. We actually made a spontaneous stop at Lava on our way home from our honey moon almost seven years ago!!! So it was extra LOVEY to go there now and reminisce.

We were plesently surprised to see that they had remodled a lot there and made it much nicer. The hot pools were just as hot as ever though. Actually, they were hotter than we'd emembered. It was fantastic! We were also surprised to see that they had new slides built by the big pool. It was their grand opening the day we got there. With no kids in tow, we decided
to take it easy and skip the "fun" pool. We headed straight for the hot pools.

We enjoyed the perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and eachother ;) Ooh lala LOVE!
Grandpa and Kristene were sweet and spoiled the kids all weekend. It was great actually being able to have someone watch the kids so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary ALONE. This is the first time that we've been able to take off (for more than a few hours to get dinner) and leave the kids to celebrate. Our anniversary is actually on Monday the 25th. Since that day is memorial day, we decided to celebrate early. I'm glad we did. We stayed at a really cozy old hotel called Riverside Inn.

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If it's been a long time since you've been to Lava Hot Springs I recommend checking it out. I think it is such a cozy little place. I can't wait untill we go there again. They had camping grounds set up right next to their big pool as well. I'm sure the girls would LOVE staying there this summer.


Avery said...

Looks super fun! You missed the crowds huh? Good job! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

kirstensworld said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got to go! It's always nice to pick up some ALONE time every once in a while!

evelee said...

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