18 May 2009

The move

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I realize that I am WAY behind on blogger. Well, I guess I have a pretty good excuse. As if there is anyone who doesn't know, we made the big move from Sweden to USA at the end of April. Here are a few pics from right before we moved to right after we got here.

In these photos:
Elsa cleaning out the kitchen in our old apartment. Staying with the Horvatics. (Love and miss you guys) At the airport in Landvetter. On the air plane(s). The drive home from the air port. Grandpa driving and the fabulous sign for the HUGE town of Blackfoot. (Yes, that was sarcasm)
for anyone who doesn't know, Blackfoot is a small town.

We have enjoyed ourselves immensely though, getting to chill with family and friends who we haven't seen for quite some time.

More updates coming shortly!


Avery said...

SO cute Mia! The photos almost made me cry, I hope your transition here goes good! Good luck lady!

Familjen Horvatic said...

Å vad vi saknar er! Vet du att de första två veckorna, var ni med på olika sätt i mina drömmar så gott som varenda natt!

Men?! VAD är det för fatface du står bredvid på flygplatsen egentligen!?!? Henne har jag aldrig sett...................